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Trends In Social Networks During The Second Half Of 2016

Trends in social networks 2016

This second half of 2016 will occur in social networks

Social networks are no longer exclusive single common user and currently represent a powerful marketing tool for businesses. In fact, it is estimated that only in the United States, 9 out of 10 companies have active presence in social media, while 90% of businesses have experienced an increase in exposure and 50% reported an increase in sales. For the second half of 2016, trends in social networking will be defined by the way in which companies use these social platforms.

To begin with, it is expected that this 2016 social networks finally working exclusively for companies appear. Currently the social network Slack offers an intuitive user interface based on the use of themed chat rooms and indexed files.

Added to this, the people of Facebook is already working on Facebook at Work, which would also be a social network oriented companies.

Another trend in social networking in 2016 has to do with the companies started looking for employees with the aim of expanding their social networks. It is estimated that about 80% of businesses today already have a focused solely on social networking equipment. This year it is expected that companies begin to add to its employees so that they can share their updates from their personal accounts to expand their reach on the social platform and at the same time achieve the best results.

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Not only that, social networking companies also start using social messaging as part of its strategy to increase its presence. Currently there are 4,000 million active in the most popular messaging applications such as the case of WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger or KiK people. For this reason it is considered that during this year we will see more and more companies appear as users of these messaging applications.

With regard to advertising companies on social networks, gone are the banners have since been given to a new generation of native advertising on social platforms like Facebook step, publications payment Instagram or tweets support Twitter who have the advantage that they appear as normal updates both friends and followers. Advertising will be focused with a precision able to determine the age range, gender, besides the interests of users.


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