Write For Us

Write for Us

Digital Marketing Trends is formed by a team of collaborators who are Digital Marketing professionals. Thus, readers benefit from the experience and knowledge that they have been acquired during his career path and enjoy sharing with all of us. 

1. Are you Digital Marketing professional? Want to share your knowledge ?.

We help you, you can do it by giving you a free support to actually do it without having to take care of anything, just have to enjoy the articles you write.

2. What is a collaborator?

Contributors are professionals who write articles on Digital Marketing Trends biweekly or monthly and items are directly related to Digital Marketing.

We have two types of publications:

News: are publications on the latest developments in the sector. Like you keep up? Do you follow the movements that occur in the sector? Are you a regular consumer of news about Digital Marketing ?. Maybe this category interests you and you are passionate about. We want employees to write the latest news from Digital Marketing.

Articles: Articles are publications on different topics of Digital Marketing. From a professional, technical and rigorous vision. Digital Marketing professionals want to provide information of value to your readers (other Digital Marketing professionals).

3. Benefits for readers:

  • To read articles written by Digital Marketing pointers professionals in this field.
  • Put a name and face to the best experts in this field.
  • Seeing the reality of everyday life in this sector.
  • Able to read real examples and anecdotes.
  • Be updated on the latest news from Digital Marketing.

4. Benefits for employees:

  • Be recognized and perceived as experts in Digital Marketing.
  • Strengthen your digital personal brand.
  • To share with others their knowledge and professional experience daily.
  • Having a free technical support.
  • Meet “colleagues” in the sector and exchange knowledge.
  • Make Networking and interact with #DigitalMTrends
  • Grow as a professional.
  • Writing articles will allow you to structure knowledge.
  • Keep abreast of what is happening in the sector thanks to our exclusive weekly e-dossier for employees.
  • Write SEO Friendly thanks to our exclusive and private Guide SEO which can only access reviewers.

5. Exclusivity and selection process reviewers.

Digital Marketing Trends is based on offering high-value content to your readers. We do not want to saturate the emails from our subscribers with a daily newsletter in which there are more than 10 new items in each, that no one give time to read and offer little value. That’s why we created a policy of publishing content in which premium quality over quantity.

The number of employees and daily publications is finite. The collaborators published periodically assigning them their own space, so we want to maintain a long-term relationship with them in which we get to offer the greatest possible benefits.

We guidelines and train our employees in writing articles according to the vision of Digital Marketing Trends, both in quality and SEO issues.

6. How do we select our employees?

Employees who are selected to write in Digital Marketing Trends have a set of professional features like high.

  • Knowledge of Digital Marketing.
  • Writing skills.
  • Creativity.
  • Experience in Digital Marketing.
  • Passion.
  • Commitment.
  • Constancy.
  • Responsibility
  • Research capacity

To become partner, the professional has to complete a questionnaire after send request for collaboration. This will be reviewed by the team of Digital Marketing Trends, which will assess whether the professional profile is suitable for working in our Magazine.

We have a common goal, both collaborators and Digital Marketing Trends want to have a good reputation and positioning in the field of Digital Marketing. Therefore, we want to ensure that all members have the same vision Magazine and collaborate for a common goal.

7. Exclusive benefits for employees:

  • The shortage of jobs collaborator brings much value to the professional who has managed for their professional qualifications to obtain a place collaborator.
  • With this policy of collaborators, readers perceive it professionals writing regarding how the sector.
  • Employees benefit from the positioning and visibility of this magazine and the daily work we do people who are part of this project directly affecting your personal brand.

8. Benefits of exclusivity for Digital Marketing Trends:

  • The exclusivity and value of our partners helps us deliver the best content to our visitors and to position our brand as a benchmark in the sector.

9. What should you do to request a collaborator of Digital Marketing Trends?

If you want to request a writer author in Digital Marketing Trends. Fill out this form and send message, we will contact you to assess your profile.

10. How  To Submit A  Guest Post on Digital Marketing Trends?

Just send us a message in below form with your guest post “Title or Idea”.

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