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iPad Apps for Music Teachers

Teaching whatever discipline is a job that is indeed, noble and challenging. There are several means through which teaching can be done, and there are different approaches for different kinds of students. 

One of the best means in order to teach music effectively is with the aid of some apps on the iPad. Everything you need to know about music could be read full story at digitalconnectmag.com, but for now, we are going to give you 6 of the best iPad Apps which you could use to facilitate the teaching process of music.

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1) Singing Fingers

Singing Fingers iPad App

Singing Fingers

If you are going to be teaching kids, interactivity would be key. Also, colors and a lot of creative and visual input is needed to stimulate their brains. One of the best apps to make music more fun for teachers would be this app, as all you need to do is to let your young trainees touch the screen to make a sound and make a colorful paint appear, which is entertaining for kids. In using this app, you could then practice association of pitch with its name in a manner that would be fun for kids.
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2) Drum Jam

Drum Jam iPad App

Drum Jam

Contrary to what other people think, percussion instruments are not that simple to make. With that said, you would still need some app to help you be able to get the beats right, and thus be able to breathe life into any song. The drum jam is a tool that’s best for percussion starters, and if you’re a teacher who wants to teach ideas for rhythm, or if you’re a head teacher for a musical production of some sort, then this is the perfect app for you.

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3) Finale Songbook

Finale Songbook iPad App

Finale Songbook

One of the most common means through which people study music is through musical sheets. Compiling then is such a chore, and clear books used to store these may turn out to be bulky, and worse are prone to getting lost. This is the best songbook app you can use for viewing, printing, and playing out musical scores, saving you from the hassle of printing out sheets for your mentees for them to learn a particular piece. This app serves as a world standard in the realm of music notation creation, and this app also helps to bring this standardization to the iPad.

4) Real Piano Pro

Real Piano Pro iPad App

Real Piano Pro

In order to locate the right pitch, and to make sure you are in tune, the Real Piano Pro is the single best app for you. This app, which is one with a full 88 keys, allow you to play piano sound in the smoothest, grandest way possible, as you would on a real piano. It also has key labels that are customizable, and it is also equipped with transposition and professional tuning capacities which is perfect when it comes to letting your kids master the pitch or key of a certain note, or if you simply want a backing track for practice.

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5) Everyday Looper

Everyday Looper iPad App

Everyday Looper

There are several means in order for you to create music, and one of the most creative means in order for you to do so is through Looping of musical phrases. This app is the perfect one for you, as you are able to record as much as 6 of these phrases and then have them looped immediately. Afterwards, you could mix and merge tracks on the go. This is best when you wish to teach your students in a manner which is collaborative, or if you go to more advanced lessons to show the other ways through which music could be created.

6) Sunvox

Sunvox iPad App


Creativity isn’t really something that’s taught, but rather, it is nurtured. This is something that teachers ought to realize. In doing so, one of the apps that they could use for this purpose is Sunvox, wherein you get to compose music whenever and wherever it is you would want, and be an effective tool you may use when teaching your students how they could develop their music. In using this app, you could simply leave your students be, and be a critic when it comes to their work.

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