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Top 10 UX Design Blogs and Resources in 2020

Today we are able to send emails, messages and even watch videos with just a click of a button.  All of this has been possible due to the advance UI/UX developed by various UI...
How to Create Buyer’s Intent and Drive Sales in 2019 An Easy Guide for Digital Marketing Agencies

How to Create Buyer’s Intent and Drive Sales in 2019? An Easy Guide for Digital Marketing Agencies!

I started advertising 15 years ago. At that time marketing your products was a real deal. Hoping that customers will reach to buy products was the underlying assumption.  Move forward ten years, andwe’re still...
What Should a UX Case Study Look Like

What Should a UX Case Study Look Like?

Hiring managers know that better UX design means better business. And as a UX designer, that makes you a potentially valuable asset. The trick is showing your value.  Enter the UX case study, one...
What are the UX Factors affecting Your Rankings in 2019

What are the UX Factors affecting Your Rankings in 2019?

As indicated by Nik Donovic, “SEO emphases on the client’s voyage when they touch base at a site and UX centres on the client’s adventure whereas they stop at a site”.  Why User Experience...
What is CDNs Everything You Need To Know about a Content Delivery Network

What is CDNs: Everything You Need To Know about a Content Delivery Network

Are you new to the term CDNs and totally oblivious about what it means? Well, you seem to be in dire need of some answers.  I’ll try to explain to you, as simple as...
Impostor Syndrome

What Is The Impostor Syndrome And How To Overcome It?

According to Dr. Valerie Young, seven out of 10 people suffer or have ever suffered from a disorder called “impostor syndrome”. According to Young, “Millions of women and men around the world, from successful...
Target Audience

Your Target Audience: Connect Emotionally

Often it falls into the mistake of talking too much about what our brand not want to sell and the benefits we can offer to our target audience. Not ignore the emotional side can...
Incorporating Content Sketch

Improves The “User Experience” Incorporating Content Sketch

The software design is influenced by many considerations, including the “user experience”. Although it is now easier with Sketch Many important considerations impact the software design, the goals of both a business and its...
Customer Experience

Customer Experience A Powerful Differentiation Strategy

In this increasingly fast-paced environment and complex in which the products have been commoditized and hard to get to be perceived as different from each other, in which advertising stimuli are not able to...
Customer Experience Congress 2015

Customer Experience Congress 2015

On October 28 space Truss Madrid in the Barclaycard Center hosted the third edition of Customer Experience Congress (CEC), which was presented by Juan Carlos Lozano, CEO of DIR & GE, the CEC2015 intended...
Customer Experience

Customer Experience To The Letter

The goal of every company should focus on “Customer Experience Management”. RECIPE: I based on the customer experience, combined with a pinch of Experiential Marketing and finally a touch of Emotional Marketing. Customer Experience...
10 Tips Usability

10 Tips To Improve The Usability Of Your Website

Every website has a feature to attract users who may be interested in your product (whatever it is, sometimes be a physical product, others value content) and convert those initial users into customers or...