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Sales Landing Page

Website Design

The 7 Key Ingredients Of A Sales-Crushing Landing Page

A good landing page is responsible for generating good quality sales. When you have a good landing page, then it is also easy for generating new leads & they also have a strong impact...

Best Social Media Practices

Social Media

Best Social Media Practices for Business Growth

Social media is not just a platform for sharing viral memes, videos, and trends. For businesses, it’s a way to leverage growth. However, this can only be achieved if your social media marketing campaign...

Marketing Controversial Product

Digital Evolution

Marketing A Controversial Product: Challenges & Lessons I’ve Learned About Changing Public Perception

I’ve always been a fan of marketing campaigns that involve controversy. Stirring the pot of public perception has always been an effective (albeit, unorthodox) way to increase awareness of a new brand or product....

SEO Works


A Simplified Understanding Of How SEO Works: By Digital Marketing Professionals

With digital marketing flourishing like wildfire, especially after the turmoils of the pandemic faced by every business worldwide, people are trying to find newer ways to get recognized more.   But, SEO has become a...

PCB Design


Beginner’s Guide to PCB Design

A printed circuit board (PCB) is a component that’s part of almost all electronic devices we use in daily life. PCBs form the foundation of circuits and hold together all the electrical and electronic...

Block Google Ads


How Do I Stop Showing Ads On Google?

Just think of the previous years when there was no issue with ads. It was nice, right? But now, you can directly switch back to the last time with the usage of tactics. Yes,...

Mobile App Development


The Top Trends Shaping Mobile App Development in 2022

Even if mobile apps haven’t been around that long, most of us can’t imagine having to live without them. Apps have turned our phones into devices that are essential for everyday life. We use...

Social Media Analytics Tools

Social Media

5 Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers in 2022

Social media analysis is a process of monitoring & analyzing social media data to understand your audience, their engagement ratio, the best time to post and the general conversion rates of your ads and...

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency And Internet Advertising Company

Are you not attracting enough customers? Are you tired of promoting your business with no success? In such a case, hiring an experienced team of marketers is essential for managing your needs and growing...

Extract Textual Data


Which Technology is used to Extract Textual Data from Image?

OCR, an abbreviation for Optical Character Recognition, is an automated technique used for the extraction of data from images. It is often used to convert images to text. Utilizing OCR automation, one can impeccably...

eCommerce Trends


8 Key techs required to build an eCommerce site in 2022

Having an efficient eCommerce site is a dream for all the entrepreneurs looking out for a future in eCommerce. You might as well have a killer idea in your mind for your dream project....

Email Writing Marketing Mistakes

Email Marketing

7 Email Writing Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them in 2022

Email marketing has proven to be one of the most efficient advertisement channels for businesses worldwide. According to Tech Jury, 87% of marketers plan to invest more resources into email marketing in 2022, with...

YouTube Subscribers

YouTube Videos

Amazing Tricks To Increase Subscribers And Views On YouTube In 2022

Video content has established itself as much more engaging and engrossing in comparison to its regular text-based counterpart. Speaking of video content, the first platform that comes to mind is undoubtedly YouTube. This massive...

Full Stack Developers

Website Design

Important Tips to Consider While Hiring Best Full-Stack Developers

Are you all ready to launch your brand website? great! Have you found the perfect developer for the website? No, and you are on a tight budget as well?  Fortunately, you have landed on...

Incorporate Video Backgrounds

Video Marketing

How to Successfully Incorporate Video Backgrounds into Your Homepage?

Web design trends change almost every day, if not every second! And every trend brings along something incredible for the next best feature. If yours is a new or perhaps a leading web design...