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Wait Times Google Maps

Google maps wait times to local search results

Google continues to optimize its services and applications to provide a better experience in all senses to users. We saw recently the introduction of the graph on how crowded a place is. The most...
Give away trips

Giving away trips, a great incentive to improve productivity

Knowing how to manage people is a great art, the human team is the most important part of any company and usually the one on which the success or failure depends to a large...
Waymo User Experience

Waymo will focus on the user experience – Autonomous Cars

Waymo is a manufacturer of autonomous vehicles that is currently working on building an autonomous driving experience based on the user, including both internal and external characteristics in their cars.  Waymo’s new approach to...
Business lessons

What not to do in business: 5 lessons you should learn

Even when companies have the passion, planning and intelligence needed to theoretically achieve success, they have simply fallen by the wayside as a result of internal and external problems.  There are, of course, certain...
Paypal Infographic

4 things you did not know about PayPal

PayPal is the most successful and most widely used online payment service in the world.   With 203 million active users in 202 countries, PayPal has 83% of the market share. In 2017, the...
Google Jobs

Google for Jobs will help you find employment

With the experience accumulated over many years and the refinement of its search algorithm, it was expected that at some point Google used all this knowledge for other functions. Google for jobs is a...
Google Review

Google Launches Verified Customers Review and Eliminates Trusted Stores Program

Google removes your trusted store program and launches verified customer reviews. Surely reading this headline has thought “but if Google already has a client review program in its results …”. True, but not quite....