Adobe Launches Creative Sync For iPad. Find Out!

Adobe launches Creative Sync

Adobe launches Creative Sync

Adobe recently announced the launch of a new technology called CreativeSync, which apparently would be designed to work with large Tablets and more specifically for the new iPad Pro that Apple introduced last month. According to the information, CreativeSync runs in the background from the cloud of Adobe and would be a perfect bridge 360 ​​that links all Adobe applications.

What is Adobe CreativeSync and how it works

As already indicated, this is a cloud-based integration that would enable all Adobe applications to make the workflow easier service. For example, if a user is editing an image in Photoshop and then requires quickly add text in InDesign and then return with the image back into Photoshop, CreativeSync would allow him to do all this with just a few taps on the screen.

The aim of this new technology for the iPad is pretty defined, transform the mobile platform in an area where you can actually carry out all the work. But all this has indeed been very difficult to put into practice, especially speaking specifically of the iPad, which is designed as a tool for the creative process from beginning to end, even fails to establish itself as such.


For people Adobe no professional creativity in mobile and according to research conducted by this company platform, the reason for this has to do with file creation and storage entirely in the camera roll. Adobe says that there are a lot of mobile applications that promise many things but ultimately the user ends up saving all their work in the camera roll, which contrasts completely with digital creativity drop in joint projects.

With CreativeSync end is put to this problem because technology allows designers to alternate between one or another application in a matter of seconds. It is this interaction that could be useful in persuading designers to put aside the use of analog tools such as pencil and paper, giving way to a brainstorming method that has already been tested.

Finally just say that CreativeSync is at the core of the 2015 version of Adobe Creative Cloud, with trial versions for desktop applications that you can download free.


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