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Best Tripods for Mobile

Best Tripods for Mobile

These are the best tripods for mobile you can use to take pictures and record amazing videos

Even if you do not dedicate professionally to photography or video recording, there are certain components that you must have to ensure the best recordings capture videos or photos.

A tripod for Mobile and a Bluetooth microphone, are just two of the mobile accessories that should be part of the team of anyone who likes to take pictures or record videos with the camera of your mobile phone. The second we discussed in an article dedicated exclusively to the microphones, so this time we focus on the importance of using a tripod for mobile and types of tripods.

Use a tripod for mobile will help to stabilize the image

Imagine a situation where you have to burn the dance recital your children in school, trying to capture every moment for 45 minutes holding your phone without using any type of accessory for mobile. Or you want to record an interview you’ve done a professional to upload to Youtube channel of your company, as well as social networks, blog … The image quality should be!

Both taking pictures and videos, if we hold the phone with hand movements and vibrations are unavoidable and this causes a poor quality image due to lack of stability. Surely you’ve ever taken pictures with similar aspects to this by the movement:

Photo Driven

Hence for the lack of any type of accessory that allows holding the device and make high quality videos with your mobile becomes evident.

A tripod for mobile is the best solution to avoid fatigue, tremor pulse, avoid windy days … you’ll be amazed with the difference it will make in the quality of your recording to stabilize the image.

This does not mean that if we use a mobile accessory, images must be necessarily fixed. The most professional tripods offer the possibility of horizontal and vertical movements to make panoramas.

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A tripod for mobile is designed precisely to place a Smartphone, so there is no need to hold it. This type of accessories for mobile have enough space so that it can firmly secure the device and place it right in the desired position.

Depending on the type of tripod mobile you use, you can put in a type of surfaces or other.

Read on to know more!

Mobile Media Types

Currently much of the tripods serve as an accessory for use on mobile phones. This is due to the existence of universal mobile carriers that fit through a nut to most tripods. Surely you sound as they came into fashion through the selfie sticks.

It is an extensible hook that fits all sizes of mobile and where you can set your terminal in landscape position. It is always recommended to record and take pictures in this position, because if you want to share on social networks complete and no vertical image appears. As for example in Facebook.

Types of tripods for mobile

In the past tripods they were built large, to support cameras in those times used to have larger dimensions. But at present and with the advancement in mobile technology, it is possible to find different types of mobile tripod, which conform to the dimensions of these devices without any problems.

Consider the best tripods for mobile you can currently find on the market:

Mobile Gorilla Tripod Type Flexible

Mobile Gorilla

This tripod is one of the best tripods mobile phones for those who love to travel and adventure. You can take pictures and videos of all kinds, from different angles and using it in the strangest surfaces. The main creative brand of these tripods is Gorilla Pod, although there are already many other companies that are developing similar mobile accessories.

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As with any other tripod with the Gorilla you can get 100 video recordings with stable% to record high quality videos and take pictures of the most original.

The fact tripod is compatible with iPhone and most popular Smartphones; has a portable design, is light and it is ergonomic, so it can be easily manipulated. Not only that, is constructed of polycarbonate-ABS plastic durable and with an internal steel structure, designed to survive the wear and tear of daily use.

Short and stiff tripods for mobile

Tripod for Mobile Classic

This is a type of tripod for mobile phone, which allows you to easily place a Smartphone in a safe and adjustable manner. The device is mounted directly to the tripod with universal ¼ head screw.

This way you can make video recordings or take pictures without worrying about the stability of the phone even once you finish recording, you can view your photos or videos with ease.

This style of tripods stands out for its easy portability, but always we find and place it in the right place to make good recordings.

Another use is usually give to these types of tripods for mobile is the stabilizer in manual recordings. That is, if the three tripod legs are closed, the mobile remains attached to a kind of rigid stick, which we take to record with more stability than if we did only taking the mobile phone with his hand.

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Tripods for mobile extensible with stick selfie

Tripod Selfie

Although stick tripod for mobile half-life does seem that we use sticks selfie, really this fashion has two years of history. Therefore, the type of tripods for mobile that I will comment on is now one of the models that have appeared on the market more recently. They are treated selfie sticks that have a tripod base to use if necessary.

This type of tripod for mobile is very practical for its maneuverability and its various functions. Since you can use as selfie stick, and if necessary, as a classic fixed tripod. Definitely a great option.

Tripods are also classic mobile!

Tripods for classic mobile

For end we left something about which I explained at the beginning of this article. The vast majority of classic tripods for cameras or video cameras, also works for mobile phones. That if you must assure that the thread of the top in which the support for your mobile is standard and fits this fits.

Unlike the types of tripods previously we have seen, these are usually larger and heavier. But that is because they are made to withstand heavier devices. The good news is that for this reason, have much more stability and more robust. Depending on the goals of your recording, you may be interested to use one of these.


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