Big Enterprise Applications: How Can Laravel Be Used for Big Enterprise Apps?

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Big Enterprise Applications How Can Laravel Be Used for Big Enterprise Apps

One of the most common question often encountered by the Laravel programmers is “Is Laravel fit for the Big Enterprise Apps?”and “What are Reasons?”. Before we arrive to an appropriate answer to the above questions, we must be clear on “What is a Big Enterprise App?”. 

The Big Enterprise Apps are defined on the basis of the number of classes. So, it is more appropriate to say that these apps are defined on the basis of the lines of codes.

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But there are other attributes of the likes of security, dependencies and traffic generation that decide the bigger scope encompassed by the Big Apps.

Moreover, according to Github, Laravel is the most popular framework in the world and it easily surpasses any other PHP-based framework. So, there must be some concrete reasons behind for which Laravel has emerged as a clear winner for the development of web applications due to which Laravel Development Company are in demand. First, let us delve into the features that make it possible to adopt Laravel for developing Big apps.

What are the Features to Choose Laravel for the Big Enterprise App ?

Laravel has all those features and functions that make it suitable for building the perfect Big Enterprise apps. The features that make Laravel as the best choice for the Big Enterprise Apps are:


The processing of a time-consuming task at a later date is made possible through the queues in Laravel. The queue provide the developers with not only a unified API for several backend queues but also a relational database.


The events in Laravel provide the developer with a way to know and subscribe for the events in the applications.

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Service Containers

This is a powerful tool that manages class dependencies and performs the dependency injections.

Next, we delve into the reasons that establish Laravel as the best choice for creating the Big Enterprise Apps. 

Reasons to Choose Laravel for the Big Enterprise Apps

Some of the best-known reasons to choose Laravel for the purpose of Big Apps are:


The salted and the hashed passwords are two of the features that help to enhance the security of the Laravel-based applications. The password is saved in an encrypted form, with the use of Bcrypt hashing algorithm. Moreover, it makes the injection attacks unimaginable through the prepared SQL statements.


The command line makes it possible for the PHP framework to interact with the Laravel development services. The built-in tool that manages Laravel is known as the Artisan. The programmers always avoid the more manual tasks. This tool enables the developers to perform the more tedious and repetitive programming tasks.

Template Engine

If you are in need of developing dynamic content seeding and amazing layouts, then Laravel gives the option of lightweight built-in templates. The templates are for building simple layouts with different sections. Moreover, they have widgets with solid structures – the JS and the CSS codes.

Migration for the Databases

In Laravel, there is no need to recreate a database, whenever a change occurs,  as it enables to extend the structure of the database with Migration. PHP code allows to change the structure of the database instead of using SQL. There is a Schema Builder that speeds up the creation of table and insertion of columns. This prevents the loss of the development data.

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The pre-installed libraries and the object-oriented libraries are never to be heard in any other frameworks, other than Laravel. One of the most notable libraries that are available is called the Authentication L

ibrary. This comes with the more advanced features such as Bcrypt hashing, password resetting, Cross-site Request Forgery(CSRF) protection and checking of the active users.


Laravel is a versatile framework, as it is built on 20 different libraries. The best part is that adheres to the modern PHP principles that will result in building modular as well as responsive web applications.

Unit Testing

The framework acts a great facilitator for unit testing. Moreover, the developers come up with stable releases because they can easily write custom unit tests.


While developing a Big Enterprise app, the domain problems if any, will arise more due to a bad code and not the issues that crop up due to the framework. The creation of the Big Enterprise apps are not about the frameworks, but there are multiple other factors that are brought under consideration.

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Some of these factors are caching mechanism, unique application logic, DevOps things and above all the databases. We conclude to say that we need to concentrate more on whether the code is upto the mark, for developing the Big Enterprise apps and not whether Laravel is appropriate for developing the web applications.


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