6 Free Online Video Editors You Should Know

Free Online Video Editors

Free Online Video Editors

Making videos online free is now possible thanks to these editors to edit videos free

You can edit videos online ordering for it using specific programs and you can also do the same from your different devices using video editing applications.

But if you do not like install programs on your PC, nor mobile phone applications, online video editor is definitely your best choice.

Best of all is that there is a lot of free online video editors and does not even require any advanced knowledge.

A common fault that can be found in this type of online software is having to register in order to access them, but there is some pages to edit videos online without registering. Although normally the quality of such tools regarding editing features are limited.

How to start making videos online for free with effects?

How to start making videos online for free

The most publishers of online video work similarly, although many include additional features and tools that are equally useful. Usually the user must upload the video to online editor and once the file is loaded, you must specify a video format output. As easy as it sounds !.

It is common support for many of the most popular video formats offered, although it is also common when a video editing options to customize it using filters effects or even cutting specific areas are included. The conversion process may take a little or a lot, depending on what you want to tweak your videos, the file size and video length and the selected format.

If you are wondering if you can edit videos with photos and music, the answer is yes. If you’re interested in how to edit a video like this, you will surely be interesting this article Applications for photos and music videos, where we offer the best applications for online video assembly. Although as you know, in this article we’ll offer 6 pages for online video retouch. Keep reading!

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In any case, once the video conversion process is complete, the user can download your video file in the chosen format and save it to your computer. also say that some of these programs to create online videos allow you to convert videos adding the url address it.

6 free online video editors you should know

Now that we know how to make online videos, it’s time to meet applications for video from the Internet without installing software, plugins or additional plug-ins on your computer.


It is definitely one of the best online video editors currently available. It lets you create a movie from photos and videos uploaded from your computer to the web platform.

To use the service, you need to register with an e-mail address and password or, where applicable, log in with your Facebook or Google+ account. Whatever the case, to edit videos you must first add the photos and videos, then select one of the many themes or templates available and select background music.

The great thing about it is that Magisto select the best parts of your video, add the selected music, theme, effects, and is responsible for creating high-quality videos. Definitely one an option to edit videos easy to use and complete.

This free online video editor is not in Spanish, so you must use the English version. You can do so much personal videos as professionals. Here you have the introduction of the version you have launched on Magisto for Business.


This is one of the best options to make online videos free. The company describes itself as the publisher of online videos easier to use.

Note that this service offers several plans with different prices, but the basic service online video editing is free and can be more than enough for those who simply want to edit their videos.

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It is offered in Loopster 1GB of cloud storage, ability to collaborate with others, videos with 480p, watermark, 10 minutes timeline and can upload videos up to 1 GB in size. The main disadvantage is that the free version of the service an introductory trailer is added.

FileLab Video Editor

FileLab Video Editor

It is another application to make videos from Internet, which lets you customize your video with multiple effects, overlays and transitions.

FileLab is ideal for movies to iPad in the right video format and is the best you do not have to install anything on your computer, everything is done from the web.


When we get into the online video editor this home page, you can fall into confusion by clicking the button that have placed strategically and that will take you to the download of affiliate programs. To properly access the online editor, you must click on the menu “access in the top right”. Once there, you can logearte with Facebook, Google + or Yahoo.

FileLab Online Video Editor Access

Once you upload your video, you can trim, split, merge, merge videos, plus you can also edit online videos by adding effects like old film or TV simulation, pencil sketch, etc.

Best of all is that it has support for most formats most popular video, so it is almost certain that will play your videos without problems on your Android, iPhone or iPad phone.

Unfortunately, this online video editor is not available in Spanish free.


In this video presentation, you can see how to edit a video on the platform from the beginning to the end.

With this editor you can create online videos, both with and without photos, high quality and different themes. It has its limitations when editing videos, as to access its features you need to upgrade to a payment plan.

Animoto lets you upload videos or photos to make a video, you also have the possibility to use background music and select any of the available templates, which by the way are visually very nice.

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For example, for editing your videos there are templates for wedding reception, a new baby, the introduction of a company or the birthday of children. To use the service you must register and specify the type of video you want to create.


It is a free online video editor that lets you create videos from photos, music, video clips and the ability to add text, effects and transitions. Videos that are created after the can share on social networks, burn to DVD or download video format. As you can see in the video presentation, they have a channel of the tool in explaining everything related to video editing and how to edit videos with Kizoa. These tutorials are in different languages including Spanish.

The Kizoa tool also lets you create a model 100% customizable, while you can use hundreds of effects and animations, add a static or animated text, even can also integrate moving images.

From a technical perspective, Kizoa is one of the editing tools most comprehensive video free.


This is another free video editor, which has a lot of categories that you can choose. For example, you can make sports videos, vines wedding, event videos, concerts, animals, travel, etc. Once you access a video editing site just choose the category that interests you and then you can view all the video templates this subject.

There are some ShotClip templates that require more steps than others, but usually you need to add your videos, specify a title and customize with leading tools and resources available.

As you have seen, there are several alternatives to edit videos online for free without installing software on your computer as before. All these free editors can similarly cover your online needs. The difference compared to programs to edit videos from your PC, is that these are much more complete and professional. It all depends on the needs of the moment and the pros and cons.

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