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How Micro-Influencers can nitrocharge your business

“Go Big Or Go Home”: That’s the approach most of digital marketing agency follows with their marketing strategies. 

In social media “Go Big” means landing with the biggest names with more followers who charge big amount to give you an endorsement.

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But with these big shots problem is that it’s an all-or-nothing approach. Which means, either you will get the results or not and things for small businesses can go disastrous if endorsement doesn’t work out. One of the best alternative to look at is micro-influencers.

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These are the people who are trying to grow their accounts and do have a significant reach. Most of these micro-influencers have organic followers and they provide a cumulative impact on the endorsement.

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What is ‘micro-influencer?

Let’s start with the definition of terms. In today’s world of the well-connected social media world. It seems like it doesn’t matter who you know but what matter is how many you know. Public figures have millions of followers or subscriber over different social media platforms. Such as Selena Gomez, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Dwayne Johnson have cracked the 100M (yes that’s an M for million) barrier.

For the sake of this article. A public figure is someone who has 1 million or more followers- hardly the Dwayne Johnson region but unquestionably enough for giving a brand a good boost with the endorsement. Then comes the macro influencer, these are the people who lie between the mark of 500,000 to 1M followers. Then we have Middle influencers who are between the mark of 100,000 to 500,000. Then far from the public figure class, we have Micro Influencer “the one we will talk about”. These people have a following of between 10,000-100,000.

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At an average, these micro-influencers mostly have less than 30,000 followers. While they lack in number, they are super good in quality.

Why the little fish?

You must be wondering. why should you do the effort of hooking with a bunch of these little fishes while you can go with a single social media shark and get the job done?

The answer is there is a difference between public figures and micro-influencer. A Public figure or Macro Influencer doesn’t know the majority of their followers. We understand that no one has time or capacity to keep a close connection with millions of people. While on the other hand, micro influencers have a different quality of relationship with the followers. They are highly engaged and active with the community. Which they have done with hard work. If you can somehow tap into their network, you will find them highly valuable.

Markerly, An influencer identification agency recently analyzed more than 500,000 Insta accounts with a minimum of 1000 follower each account. As per the analysis, the activity on public figure accounts was high because of the large number of followers but the engagement (likes) were very low. Accounts with more than 10,000 followers had the engagement score of only 2.4% while on the other hand accounts with less than 10,000 followers had a score of 4%+.

Seeking the smallest fish

The message should be very clear by now: The smaller the influencer, the larger the impact. So the problem of finding accounts with high user engagement is solved but, attracting these 1000-1000 follower accounts also called Nano-influencer is one heck of a task and will require a massive amount of work as compared to public figure account.

At this point, you can take help of influencer platforms where you can easily find micro and nano freelancers.

The points below will help you in, ensure that the influencer you are choosing is relevant and impactful.

1) Set expectations:

We always look for maximum ROI from a micro-influencer campaign. Which means that picking the right influencer, giving them perfect content and making sure they release it at the right time and in the right manner.

While hiring an influencer, you might need to pay money and products.

Both of these have their place and each of them has their own strength and weakness. Deciding, either to pay or send product totally depends on the type of campaign you want to move ahead with. You need to give the influencers clear instructions to meet your objectives. For which they will be rewarded either by money or product.

Finding if the campaign was successful can be measured by checking the overall brand awareness, user-generated content and an increase in conversion rate or maybe something else whatever you decide. Make sure that influencer and you are completely clear of how the objective.

For Eg:

– Get a 20% increase in social media followers

– Secure social media mentions

– Facilitate a number of sales through a coupon code

Once you get to know what you exactly want with your campaign. You will need to select the influencer who can help you achieve the goal. The micro influencer is most suitable because their followers are highly engaged and have certain characteristics. Lastly, you will need to provide your influencer with the right type of content to get the job done. It can be in the form of words. video or infographics.

2) Align your brand with your influencer:

Another factor that puts the micro-influencer away from the macro or public figure influencer is that they’re not into it for money only. These influencers have a special and beautiful relation with their followers. They will not sell out the quality for just a one-off payment.

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When a micro-influencer takes the charge for your cause, they put their own reputation online. If the community gets to think that they are trying to sell something they themselves don’t believe in, the will ask the questions.  The micro-influencer are very cautious about who they endorse and you need to make sure that not to give them a  reason to doubt you or your product.

3) Encourage them:

Spreading out to people about who you are and what you do isn’t enough. the message needs to have emotional depth for your influencers audience. The epithet in writing is “Show, Don’t just Tell” and it should be the same for you and your brand.

If the influencer has enough exposure to your product. they will be able to tell their audience about how your product is different from others and they will have their own words and voice. If they can cast the message about your product in their voice then it will come across as personal and their audience will believe in it as well.

4) Think long

Getting a brand to be on the top is a marathon, not a sprint. Surely, you can create a few temporary spikes in your social figures, conversions or your metric of choice. But ultimately, you need to have a sustainable and long-term process of having engagement from your audience. When you partner with micro-influencers, they get on board with you for a long time and help you build a sustainable relationship with your audience.

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In terms of getting most of your spent dollar, micro-influencers have a higher impact when compared with larger influencers. So it’s better to secure multiple small-influencer than getting 1-2 celebrities on board.