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How Technology is Changing the World of iGaming

The advancement in the new technology is changing our everyday lives in some or the other way. 

Technology is evolving at a pace we don’t really understand, but a look at the iGaming world gives us an insight at the speed at which everything is happening. Every new game launched has some sort of new technology, which we need to acquaint ourselves with.

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Here’s how technology and VR are changing the world of iGaming


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Although people have been playing video games online for years, iGaming is a relatively new concept. It’s just that players didn’t trust computers that much and preferred driving to brick-and-mortar casinos. However, with technology advancing at a rapid pace, they’re becoming more interested in playing casino games on the web. In fact, more and more people now opt for iGaming rather than visiting a real casino. But what kind of change did technology really bring to the industry? Read on to find out.

Playing from anywhere you want

It’s estimated that more than 5 billion people own a mobile device. Anyone who has a smartphone or tablet is able to get online no matter where they are and what time it is. This also means they can play online casino games without actually having to be in a casino. Let’s say you want to play slot games but you’ve had a long day at work. Or maybe you’re on public transport and bored. All you need to do is log into your account and you can have the same experience players in a real casino have. Some iGaming providers have even designed their own apps that make engaging in online casino games even easier.

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Competing with real people

Do you know why games such as League of Legends and Dota 2 are so popular? Well, one of the reasons is that players get a chance to test their skills against real people instead of the computer like it was back in the days. This applies to iGaming as well and people want to prefer trying to outwit real players. However, social gaming isn’t as developed in iGaming as it is with the standard gaming. After all, eSports have become a real thing and iGaming isn’t quite there yet. However, with more and more players feeling the need to compete against real players, companies in the industry are already looking for ways to introduce new multiplayer games.

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Playing more advanced slot games

The recent boom in technology has led iGaming providers to design more advanced slot games for their players. The days of slots being simple affairs are long gone. Right now, slot games you can play are more dynamic and usually include animated sequences we didn’t get to see before. In fact, slot games now feel more like arcade games than standard games you get to play in a casino. Another important thing to mention is that technology has also made slot games more transparent than they were before, which is exactly what players were asking for.

Interacting with chatbots

If you take a better look at it, you’ll see that some of the biggest gaming companies in the world rely on chatbots. These things are able to take the players experience on the website to the next level as they eliminate the need for interacting with a real employee. No matter what kind of a problem a player is dealing with, a chatbot should be able to refer them to the page where they can find the solution. The same concept is used in iGaming but chatbots are also there to remind players of their high score. iGaming providers also use them to identify the best available talent when hiring new staff members.

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Experiencing virtual reality

There’s no doubt virtual reality (VR) is destined to change the world of gaming as we know it. VR games are already becoming a thing but experts are working on providing players with even better gaming experience. But what about iGaming? Less money has been invested in creating VR games for online casinos but VR gaining more and more popularity, providers are expected to work on developing more of these in the future. At the moment, not every provider offers this type of games due to how expensive developing them is.

VR Gaming Experience

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The bottom line

These sure are exciting times for both video gaming and iGaming industry. Technology is becoming more advanced every day and we can only imagine what kind of innovations experts are currently working on. However, one thing’s for sure – recent advancements in technology have taken the entire industry to the next level and it’ll continue to do the same in the future. 


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