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Anna Baidachnaya

Anna Baidachnaya

We have prepared an interview that we very interesting for all those who are thinking or already have created an App. It is Appodeal, a company that helps developers to monetize their mobile applications. How? Keep up reading!

To learn more about its business model and value proposition, we contacted from Digital Marketing Trends with Anna Baidachnaya, Director of Appodeal Europe.

Anna is passionate about her work, carried tucked in the world of mobile applications and technology startups over 5 years. As Director of Appodeal Europe, is responsible for the development of the American company in Europe from its headquarters in Barcelona

Let’s go there!

1. First, I wish we set a bit in context. What is Appodeal and what you dedicate?

Appodeal is a smart advertising mediation solution for mobile applications. We increased the profits made by developers connecting them ad networks that are based on the bidding system for real-time printing. We have established a platform where major ad networks, RTB (Real Time Bidding) and DSP platforms competing to get the advertising inventory of developers working with us. Appodeal shows advertisers the advertising possibilities of the developers we work with and offers the highest rate of real-time performance.

That said, our mission is to give developers the power to get the most out of your apps. Our main goal is to help them optimize monetization allowing them to focus on what really matters, namely, the development of the applications themselves.

Appodeal was created by experts in the field of mobile applications. In the beginning it emerges as a domestic product in order to increase efficiency and benefits of thousands of the company’s own applications. With a single account and a single SDK, Appodeal gives developers access to the entire advertising market. Our solution simplifies ad management and allows them to increase profitability.

2. Why have ye set up a tool like this for developers?

Appodeal arises because really understand the concerns and problems by passing a developer. Our CEO, Pavel Goluveb, has been in the business of developing and monetizing apps since 2009, when he began to develop their own applications. He is also founder of Alpha Productions, a company specializing in creating applications games with more than 4 million users daily and annual gross revenues of 17 million dollars last year company. Through our own experience managing and optimizing advertising apps, we realized that the entire sector of mobile advertising is built for advertisers and intermediaries, which large margins lead and reduce the benefit of developers.

Our intelligent solution monetizing mobile applications was created to solve the problems with which we were every day and to optimize the way they were getting benefits with our apps. Appodeal emerged in a natural process of adaptation of our needs and market requirements.

3. Are developers using all the potential to financially optimize their apps?

In Appodeal we believe that developers are not making all the money they could within the environment of mobile advertising. The first dilemma for them is to choose the right business model for your app. Monetizing through advertising applications is the ideal solution as you reach a large audience and, most importantly, allows developers to focus on creating and improving applications directly.

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However, sometimes finding the right solution to manage advertising is very complicated. Among others, developers have problems and some solutions are geared only to a type of advertisers or location, others do not have a satisfactory CPM or have a wide range of ad formats. These disadvantages make the developer having to control different solutions to meet all your needs causing requirements varied for learning, technical inconsistencies with the integration of different SDK in the application or use of different payment methods that do not allow to have the money generated by the app when you want. The latter is key in the case of start-ups.

Appodeal was created to solve all these problems and offer developers a reliable, flexible and transparent to prevent them headaches solution. We allow them to delegate their monetization strategy app assuring us a significant profit improvement, integration effortless, transparent reporting and flexible payment methods to put the focus on what really matters, the development of the application.

4. The field of advertising is very broad and not always clear returns on investment are. How can all stakeholders collaborate to get the best value?

To get a better return on investment (ROI), you need to know what the right audience on which to hit, when to do it and the best format for it. This will make a difference. The ability to optimize campaigns in response to specific objectives is one of the strengths of programmatic advertising, so it becomes a perfect choice for advertisers seeking to improve their return on investment metrics.

From the perspective of developers, with the mediation of advertising program get optimize their profits by allowing advertisers to bid on your inventory enriched with tons of data that help users make better choices about which public impact.

Meanwhile, advertising platforms that work with Appodeal set automatically and algorithmically dozens of variables (such as bid price, network reach …) in real time based on performance to determine the correct settings to get the desired return on investment.

5. What role ad networks in their relationship with developers?

Ad networks traditionally function as intermediaries between the advertiser and the developer / publisher. Working with them should be as simple as launching your app, set up an account with the network, set some parameters and see how they’re making money. However, many times this experience is not as simple nor as satisfactory for developers who may end up frustrated and without much hope of properly optimize the benefits that can be generated through their application.

The first problem is that there are a large number of different ad networks available, all with different conditions, offers and configurations. This makes the learning curve for developers who need to learn to manage each network to get the best results. If we think developers have multiple applications, the complexity increases at times.

Developers have to spend time identifying the most efficient networks for their interests, create accounts and integrate different SDK in your app so you can create technical difficulties in the application itself. In addition, then they have to observe and analyze the results periodically to optimize the benefits, which requires comparing different data sources and manually cross them to identify the best options.

6. In your web we see that there are many advantages Appodeal offers over networks usual marketing advertising, could you explain what they are? What will you Differentials?

Appodeal it is designed for and by developers to deliver optimal and efficient process advertising monetization automatically. We know well the problems of developers and work to resolve them.

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The main advantages we offer are:

  • Demand access to all the advertising market: by integrating effortlessly from a single SDK, Appodeal allows access to all ad networks with a single SDK without registering in each.
  • No fees or rates: Appodeal The commission is 0% and always will. Only make money when we sell our users traffic directly to advertisers, but only if the direct advertiser gives us a higher price than any network advertising. When Appodeal can offer a higher eCPM negotiating directly with the advertiser or RTB platforms sell advertising directly rather than through a network. This allows developers to get the most benefit and Appodeal have benefits at the same time.
  • We promote income: Appodeal is different from traditional mediators. It is not an ad network or an intermediary or an advertising agency. We offer a new class of product, an intelligent solution based mediation advertising algorithms that make more effective monetization and optimization of advertising inventory developers. In addition, we enrich the advertising requirements with demographics and interests of users what attracts advertisers to pay more for each print.
  • Powerful analytics: data quality can lead to success. Appodeal provides dashboards that enable developers to access reports where they can observe different parameters and segments that allow them to optimize their campaigns. We offer the Insights tool to analyze performance through various aspects and Segments tool to have full control of the monetization strategy.
  • Immediate and flexible payments: all payments to developers are carried out by Appodeal and Appodeal who collects the profits made by developers from all sources, advances paid developers to 30 days or at the time, as they wish.

We believe that developers need to focus on what they really are professionals, ie make attractive and innovative apps, and we help them optimize their time taking charge of monetization. With Appodeal lost revenue will not leave without taking full advantage.

7. If I’m a developer of apps, What are the steps you must follow to work with Appodeal?

Developers should not complicate or have headaches to improve their profits. This is our mantra. When your priority is to create innovative apps, you do not have much time to establish integrations complications and optimization strategies.

Therefore, with a single account and a single SDK you can have intelligent solution Appodeal advertising mediation, ready to access the main sources of the market and to increase revenue. The process is very simple and straightforward.

8. A few days ago have released the Inshights and Appodeal function for iOS applications, what are these improvements? What new implementations you have designed for the near future?

Insights is a tool that provides access to an extensive knowledge of the performance of your application easily to the user and directly addressing multiple aspects. It is a function that has no competitor in the market that offers developers a new level of knowledge about your app. With Insights, a developer can know the effectiveness of the ads that come from different sources, how ads impact the WCPM, testing of A / B testing and identify times greater engagement of the audience.

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We have also recently launched our SDK for Apple TV allowing Appodeal jump from the mobile screen to the TV allowing developers to implement ads on their applications Appel TV and offer advertisers a new channel to have a presence.

As for improvements in the future, we will focus on making our product even better for our customers. This includes adding more sources and implement more formats and ad types.

9. You have recently settled in Spain where you have your new headquarters Conveniently situated in Europe. What are the plans on this continent? And in Spain?

Barcelona is an open, friendly and cosmopolitan city. It has one of the most important technological hubs in Europe and an ecosystem of highly developed mobile business that allows us to be close to our customers and generate business opportunities. Moreover, as everyone knows, the city annually hosts the Mobile World Congress, a global conference must-attend for companies like Appodeal because there the most innovative companies and key startups in the sector meet, giving us an opportunity only to develop the business. All these reasons make Barcelona a strategic place to launch into Europe.

The main objective of Appodeal in Spain and by extension in Europe, is to help large companies and independent developers to intelligently monetize their mobile applications. We are confident that we can help as our statistics show significant improvements in the benefits of our users in a range of between 60% and 200%. We are operating directly in the main countries of the European Union and our main goal is to double the turnover and build a leading and recognized brand throughout the sector.

10. And finally, as professionals, what trends we should look in the field of advertising applications in the coming months?

Programmatic advertising continues to grow and become more popular. This will lead us to see improvements and innovations in the industry. One such innovation is the advertising program will no longer be solely on the mobile to move to have a greater presence on large screens like television. In fact, this prediction is very close to reality, for example, with the release of our SDK for Apple TV that I mentioned earlier.

Another important trend to note is the development of advertising formats beyond the banner as programmatic videos and native ads that have a very good performance.

Data collection and analytical are also two issues in which fixed both for advertisers and developers. For the former, it will allow them to develop greater customization and quantify the ROI. For developers, the advantage is that they can better manage inventory and adapt it to your audience.

Anna thank you very much for participating in our Digital Marketing Trends magazine. We hope to have you here soon.


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