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Adblock for Chrome, block advertising and its problems

In recent years, almost all websites, advertising has managed to grab many spaces often becoming one of the major problems for the vast majority of people who want to visit the content of these sites and to be avoided at appeared the Adblock of Chrome. The main reason becomes upset, is because the pages take too long to load due to the amount of advertising they have and often, users just closing the page without even seeing it.

The Adblock Chrome, a tailored solution users

In order to lower the amount of advertising or directly delete it from the websites that are displayed through the browser Google Chrome, users of them have started to look for different solutions; including using programs that block advertising on these sites for themselves to visit, see the minimal advertising or simply not show them.

Ad-blockers What are they? Do they really work?

Giving way to the famous ad-blockers are ad blockers that are installed in browsers and make navigation of people who visit the pages more comfortable. This has led in turn to become a concern for people working in the digital environment, because it is no secret that 90% of revenues are taken into websites are advertising that is done on them .

In order to avoid this, the giant has created a Adblock for Chrome is an extension that prevents the display of advertising when the user is active. To the naked eye and known means that are full of banners may seem a good solution; however, it is not good for the websites that are not so well known or have no visits significantly, because the little income that could have come down to them.

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On the other hand, in response to this user action, they have created new programs that simulate not have the program that blocks advertising … ie a blocker blocker, which allows the Adblock for Chrome is used but without the web will recognize as such.

If we look at the trend in search of this word, we can see that there are many people interested in the Adblcok for Chrome:

Adblock Chrome

Good advertising is what works

Something that if it can work in this kind of websites is native advertising really is retroactive for people visiting the site. That is, that advertising really go according to the things spoken in it and make sense that advertising is in place and also be helpful. These publications do not usually block ad-blocker, provided it complies with the quality that the program requires.

Online influence people already positioned

However, if you save advertising on websites it is, nothing works better than advertising through influences.

Although long ago that large companies are not opting to have social networks like momentum, if people pay with their own social networks and influence on the Internet by promoting their brands. This is the best option when advertising anything, as followers of influencer are not talking to a brand trying to sell something at all costs, but already has a connection to his followers and this in turn makes that advertising is much more heard in your blog or web, 100 brand advertising in one day.

Who it is a good influencer

A good influencer is a person in whom you trust, which you follow and which would therefore at the time when you recommend something, you give by valid automatically. A good example of this is the youtubers, but can also become the same employees of your company.

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Another good example of the latter is to give away shirts and hats your employees and ask them to take when they go down the street, these gifts should have the logo of the company. Surely more than once you’ve found someone with a shirt Bimbo having coffee in a downtown cafe.

The latter is only an alternative to ad blocker used by many people to make your navigation much simpler and without many interruptions.

How exactly the Adblock extension for Chrome

The Adblock extension for Chrome that is giving problems to thousands of companies is much easier to use than you can imagine. The sole purpose of this program is to block all kinds of advertising and any type of banners that can be heavy to open somehow the web or dangerous.

From the first moment when you install the Adblock for Chrome, you can start using it without having to do any configuration, because since installing begins to block all advertising that note in the browser and is updated only.

Should some publicity if you’re interested, you just have to tell the Adblock for Chrome which page you want to unlock and you can see normally, however the other pages if they remain blocked from that device.

You decide what you are interested in receiving advertising, because if you know a little about the program and can even block advertising of certain brands and not all in general.

Does the extension allows some type of advertising?

If only you will see advertising that Adblock for Chrome consider as non-intrusive and complies with the rules has such a program.

What really solve this program

The purpose of this extension for Google Chrome is very simple and is certainly more than once happened you’re trying to get to a page and is virtually impossible to do so for long minutes and the reason is that advertising is overloaded. With this extension installed, you will block advertising and intrusive and annoying ads ran.


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