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Patty McCord Netflix

Patty McCord Netflix

Patty McCord, the woman who is behind Netflix

Although many see today as the giant Netflix streaming, sometime not long ago, this was nothing more than a company dedicated to DVD sent by mail. Then hard to believe that today this service is ending the competition when television was once a retail business.

Much of the success that led Netflix to become the kind of company it is today has to do with the work culture promoted and developed by Patty McCord. This document is currently used in many other companies. This is a document that was described by the CEO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, as the most important document to come out of Silicon Valley.

This document is called “Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility” which basically translates as: Netflix: Freedom and responsibility. At the time this document was prepared by Patty McCord when she was engaged in headhunting company. According to Patty, she and co-founder of Netflix, Reed Hastings, were working in another company, but did not like the way it worked in that company when they left there.

Both decided then found another type of company where instead of listing the core values of the company as did all in that time, Patty McCord decided to write about everything he valued the company, what mattered most to them, as well as people waiting. She thought that if the company was looking for workers with courage, should also ensure that those same workers understand the difference between what is and what is not courage.

As a result of this thinking, a document in which workers self-sufficient responsibility to the company, where there is no vacation policy, a travel policy and where there is no annual examinations for workers they feel are needed arises. To Patt McCord, this work culture is focused only attract fully trained and educated adults.

During the implementation of the work culture at Netflix, McCord made sure not to be influenced by what other companies were doing with their work culture. In order to get figure out what works for the company, McCord aside all others and took risks.

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