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Amazon’s perfection at logistic level is not magic Look how they work in their warehouses!

Amazon has become the online retailer par excellence. Every day they attend a brutal volume of orders worldwide that they distribute in a few days. Recently launched Amazon Prime Now in Spain with which we can receive orders at home in less than 2 hours.

A great strength of this giant is its logistics. In the store that can be seen in the video, Amazon has more than 3,000 people, machines and logistics software of the most complex.

Amazon stores operate with precision that sticks to perfection, making it easy for us to receive packages in less than 2 days at home. Share on X

Many are what this efficiency is achieved through magic, but this CNET video has shown us the inside of an Amazon store. And how is a shipping process from the time the order is received until it leaves the warehouse.

When a new order is received, in the warehouse the process begins with the Kiva robots that bring the mobile shelves to the employees. Each of these shelves is equipped with a screen that tells employees which products to catch.

Once ready, the order travels in a yellow container through a conveyor belt to other waiting employees.

Upon arrival, Amazon employees pack each item to be ready for shipment.

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From there, the order travels to another conveyor belt that has a scanner that checks that the packaging label has the correct address.

Finally, the box is placed on a last conveyor belt where it is sent to an area where the items are waiting for your shipment.

Amazon’s logistics is mind-boggling and the giant makes it look like a kid’s game!  


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