Working Without Heads By Holacracy

Working Without Heads By Holacracy

Working Without Heads By Holacracy

Let us imagine a working world in which there is neither exclusive offices, or hierarchies, or endless meetings and if this were not enough, work without bosses. We welcome Holacracy, the new professional culture created by Brian Robertson, an American computer of only 36 years. This computer has never worked in the human resources department, did not do grace the heads and fled bureaucracies. His dynamic and free spirited him Holacracy helped found in 2008.

Working without heads

Working without heads with holacracy

“The world has changed, so it’s about time that we all see how it will evolve. Holacracy or working without bosses is the company result of several years of experimentation, when we realized it could work, we share and today we have 300 companies already working with our program, “explained Robertson from home / office in Philadelphia .

The computer has applied this system together with 14 partners / employees in different areas of the US that virtually divide the work. Robertson explains that this is a diversified work where there are no limits or order with a person who analyzes how each department works, yes, without imposing anything. It is not lack of authority, but a distribution of authority. For a company, put Holacracy or Working without heads-up involves a cultural change and is for this very reason that the program works best in small companies.

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However, Holacracy also launched through the support of certain software with the foundation to work without bosses ordered. However, it is still too early to know if this work culture will prevail the next few years. Although no offices in Europe, many companies are benefiting from this system. France has been the country most enthusiastically embraced this new professional culture. In Spain there is still business to work with this program, but has already attracted the attention of specialists in human resources.

The founder of Future4Work, consultancy Jordi Serrano has ensured that almost all companies make the race in order to become more modern and agile, while recognizing that this system is linked precisely to modern times, in which companies should be open to talent, ideas, freelance workers and of course, to work without bosses.


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