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You can already see the crater of a volcano in Google Maps Street View

Google Maps Crater

It seems that Google has no limits, nor when talking about the most powerful phenomena of nature. This time the giant has surprised us by putting the cameras of Street View in the crater of a volcano.

We all know Street View for navigating dozens of times through the streets of any city or town in the 80 countries available. We even have the option of exploring natural sites or exploring the ocean. 

But Google Maps that has been short and wanted to plunge into the deepest of the earth. Now you can visit the places of Vanuatu through this service available.

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Although not all, this beautiful archipelago of 80 very small islands 1,600km from Australia also has wonderful jungles and mesmerizing black sand beaches.

Southeast volcano trek opt

The fantastic images of the active volcano on Ambrym Island were made by Jeff Mickey and Chris Orsay, two expert explorers who descended through the Maru Crater after a 400m descent down the level.

The two explorers managed to collect a large number of 360-degree images of their walk inside the volcano. In them we can see even molten lava that is almost the size of a football field.

Crater lava volcano opt-1

They are images that are certainly worth seeing and now you can do it completely free of charge through Google Street View. 

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