10 Digital Marketing Trends To Improve Your Success in 2020

10 Digital Marketing Trends To Improve Your Success in 2020

1. Long Videos

As video becomes a medium for media content, focusing on engagement must be at the heart of your video strategy.

Be that as it may, short videos receive less engagement than long term videos.

Videos longer than 15 minutes are responsible for about half of viewer engagement.

In general, short videos are best for social media, while long videos should be available on your website and other video channels.

2. Importance of local SEO

A growing number of searchers are looking for organizations in their neighbourhood. From 2013 to 2017 there was a 900% increase in “nearby” searches.

There is a huge opportunity for organisations working on a local level to find buyers at a time when there is an immediate need.

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3. Voice search

By 2020, half of all search queries over the Internet will be voice searches.

The development of searches based on Siri, Alexa and other voice search tools is dominant. The most important thing is that individuals search differently when speaking than when writing. Language searches are carried out more regularly than text searches.

4. Google Discover

Did you know that your company can be found naturally without individuals having to search for it?

Google Discover makes a user’s explicit feed dependent on search history and AI.

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If you are paying attention to your website traffic, you may have seen traffic that is attributed as referral traffic from Googleapis.com.

Currently, this application exists only on Android gadgets and is most effectively opened on Google pixel phones. Soon the usefulness of Google Discover will be available on other devices too.

5. Content written for user intent

Content that focuses on keywords gets old quickly.

Content that is focused and centered on keywords will quickly lose its natural traffic.

To achieve good rankings and be found on Google, organizations must begin to focus content on the searcher’s goal.

6. Mobile SEO

The improvement for Mobile SEO does not seem to be new for 2020. Although it has been shown that your site is gradually gaining in importance for portability, the versatile form is generally not being developed further.

If your site isn’t built to be responsive (it can be customized across different devices without requiring customization), you’ll probably find that your traffic is declining.

With this free tool from Google, you can easily check if your website is portable and inviting.

7. Personalized web experiences

Let’s get one thing straight: It is extremely easy for organizations today to create a “tailor-made” experience for their guests on-site.

The buyers go to your website and make a request. Before they decide to read on, they ask themselves: “Is this my request done? The most important thing in this question is the word “my”.

Companies need to redesign and inform their websites to create opportunities for individual encounters. Search your organization’s landing page and notice how often you use words like “we” or “our”.

8. Conversational marketing

According to business insiders, 80% of organizations use chatbots or plan to use chatbots by 2020.

Originally, the purpose of chatbots was to have a unique method of automating customer service with the ability to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Creating some quick content and preparing a chat robot for use is not a reasonable system for facilitating conversations.

You need to adapt your system to enhance the results. Seventy-nine percent of people use chatbots and live talk to find quick solutions.

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Therefore, the goal of chatbots should be to provide these answers and provide guests with a customized website experience.

Organizations that succeed by presenting conversations will connect with the customer.

Use chatbots to give prompt responses and then use live talk to quickly answer questions.

9. Social media stories

A great way to continue featuring your Livestream video for those who couldn’t tune in at the time is to show the video on your story afterward.

With 1/3 of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses, they are also a great way to feature products, events, or links.

There are simple built-in tools proven to make stories more engaging, such as polls, geotags, and mentions.

It’s also very easy to take user-generated content that you’re tagged in and repost in your story.

More than half of Instagram’s users have discovered new products on the app.

They’ve also indicated that they are open to learning more and even purchasing.

10. Social commerce

Social media titans like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have made it easier to shop and buy all without leaving their apps.

On these apps, businesses can now make online stores, customize product catalogs for the social store and sell directly on these social media platforms. Learn about how to sell on Amazon!

You can open an entirely new audience and provide a seamless transaction without customers needing to have ever heard of your company or go to your website.

If you sell products that cater to a younger demographic, social commerce is worth exploring. It’s worth mentioning that this is still a relatively new and therefore untested digital sales opportunity. 

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