10 Key Factors To Position Your Ecommerce Online Store

10 key factors to position your online store

One of the questions to be asked when we mount an ecommerce, either on platforms like Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce, etc, is how will the users come to our online store? and here comes into play different ways to attract traffic to our online store, such as social networking, Google Adwords campaigns, SEO, advertising, etc.

SEO positioning is one of the main channels to attract traffic. Therefore, below are the 10 most important factors to position your online store.

1 – Keywords

The first and most important of all are the keywords, what keywords will use to position our online store? What is our strategy? We try to position ourselves by brand, by product family, by product model or is all at once:

The first thing to do is an analysis and study of keywords to select keywords that are most in line with our business, for this we use different tools like Google Search Console, Ubersuggest, Hypersuggest.

For products we recommend using longtail keywords, such as “Buy adidas model 333”, provided it is a keyword used by users.

Keep in mind that when you use as a keyword an action, such as “buy”, be clear that the user intends to buy a product, so if we are well positioned and our price is competitive, our chances of conversion it will be very high.

2 – Product Sheet

The content in the product listings and optimization is very important to position themselves. The easy work is to make a copy paste of the manufacturer’s information. In this way we will achieve is duplicate content and possibilities of positioning will be very complicated.

I recommend feeding your product listings the user in mind, giving advice, recommendations, product composition, etc. Use titles, subtitles, bold, etc but always using the keywords. In the event that the product is free shipping because the amount exceeds the minimum amount, highlight large within the sheet.

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3 – Related products

For Google is very important that the products are related to each other. Usually often they use plugins or modules related products, but ideally include it in the product description, with a hyperlink, linking them with similar, alternative or complementary products.

Similar Products

4 – Linkbuilding

The link building is one of the most complicated, most important and difficult work points. The goal is to get links that point to our online store.

One trick to getting links is spying on our competitors, analyzing that links pointing to them and then try to get us. To do this, we can use the tool ahrefs, analyze the links with our competition and make a list of the different sites that link to work on them.

ahrefs and linkbuilding

5 – Images

It occurs more or less the same as with the content of the products. The more information or product images have much better. Not only put an image of the product, the more the better and different views.

Another important point is the weight images, weighing not too much because the slow loading website, especially on mobile devices and this can penalize us. To optimize the images I recommend the following online tools like Compressor.io, Tiny jpg or Icons8 Smart Upscaler.

Do not forget to always put you in the name of the image keyword and then use the description or alternative text or ALT tag to include keywords or a description of the image.

6 – URL friendly

Today almost all platforms, through plugin or module, take for solved this point, but it is important to have in mind. Not include in the URL of the product or category codes and underscores. Also be careful with the accents and the letter “ñ” because usually be changed by characters that are unfriendly.

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Another point is to try to URL length is not too long, there is a recommended amount, but use common sense, which is not very extensive.

7 – Meta tags

All platforms feature or plugin modules for configuration SEO, this is very important to always complete the title of the sheet using the keywords and we have previously analyzed.

Remember that SEO title should not exceed 70 characters. One trick we can use to improve the CTR on search results, SEO is included in the price of the product title, for example: “Buy Adidas Blue – 29.90 €” as long as the price of our product is competitive.

Another important SEO meta tag is the description or meta description. This Google label does not have it in mind when positioning a website, although I recommend include keywords. But most importantly, it helps us to improve our CTR on search results. Use this field as his was an advertisement for our product, providing important user information and include a call to action. This meta tag should not exceed 170 characters.

For example: “You can now buy Adidas Blue on offer 29.90 € – Free Shipping to all Spain – Join Now!”

8 – Breadcumbs

Bread crumbs or breadcumbs not only serve to tell users where they are and thus can navigate more easily between categories or products, but Google has incorporated them in search results and these help improve indexing our online store.

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9 – Responsive

In April 2015, Google has made a change in the algorithm that penalizes websites that are not responsive. Since that time, many websites or online stores have adapted, but beware, one of the most important aspects when developing a mobile version is the user and load time.

Make it easy for the user to navigate through the website, use large buttons, that information is maquetada well, that the images are not too small, it is easy to fill out forms, etc.

Another important point is the mobile version loading time, the most common mistake that often make is to use very large images with very high resolution.

To analyze the loading time of our online store I recommend using Google Insights Pagespeed or GTmetrix

Page Speed Insights

Speed point that can help us to improve the loading time of our store is to use modules or plugin to set the cache of our online store. This will help us accelerate the load when the user visits us.

10 – Sitemap of your store online

As a last point, and it not least, is the configuration file sitemap.xml This file provides very important information about the content of our website and indexibility for search engines. Once we configured we can upload it to Google Search Console to Google all the information available on our online store to index it.

It is important that this file will be constantly updated and if our product catalog is constantly changing.

I hope these tips help you improve the ranking of your online store. You would add one more factor or advice?


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