10 Ways To Beat The Abandonment Of Cart In Your Online Store

Online Store

Online Store

Digital Marketing Trends Today we give you the essential to minimize the dropout rate of your online store shopping patterns. To do this, we have the help of Rebellion Online Marketing, Digital Marketing agency that has numerous success stories of online shops behind.

If you have control of your online business and are considering the numbers in Analytics, sure there is a worrying you rate: the rate of abandonment cart. Usually the most exasperating number because the user has shown you that it has an interest; visit the product sheet, add the product to cart and for some inexplicable reason, leaves. How to minimize this happen? We provide various tactics to help you win as much as possible abandonment cart -always considering that the zero rate does not exist.

We started.

1. Your cart must be editable online

The user must have the option to edit the cart at the time you want. You must be able to remove items, change quantities or customize delivery options, among other options.

Of course, make all these changes should be intuitive and simple. Just do not include the option of a button to delete the entire order or the dropout rate can grow.

2. Retargeting creates a campaign on Facebook

There is nothing more effective than activating a retargeting campaign for users who have left the cart. It involves inserting a cookie on your IP and to display related item added to the cart as you browse other pages ads. A technique that is very effective for the user to decide to complete the purchase.

 3. Optimize your Check-Out does not lead to more than 5 steps

Your check out must be well optimized: these steps are simple and are kept to a minimum will help the potential customer completes the purchase. The payment process should not take more than 5 steps; Moreover, the ideal is to have a 3-step check Out.

4. Do not include additional costs

A good way to reduce the dropout rate is to eliminate the extra costs. You should only add shipping costs or other costs, if there is no choice but then you have to do it is report it as soon as you start the buying process for the abandonment does not occur.

5. Activate automation after abandonment

Once the customer has left the cart, you have some time to recheck. Email marketing is a very effective way to communicate directly with the customer according to their behavior and make him an offer he can not refuse system. According to the website Kissmetrics, 65% end up buying between 3 and 12 hours after having read the email.

Online rebels have launched their own CRM email marketing to market: Rebel Contact and there are now many entrepreneurs who are significantly increasing sales thanks to this platform.

6. It incorporates a progress bar

One way to provide security to the customer is to incorporate a progress bar so you can see how much longer to complete in a percentage. It is a small boost to move forward and reach the purchase.

7. Add calls to action simple

Of course calls to action should also be included in the shopping cart. It indicates the user you want to do next.

Good communication technique is to create copywriters with instructions for each phase, such as “Where are we your order? Please enter your address below “

8. It offers fewer options to the user

Many online stores placed links on the page shopping cart. The consequence of this is that the customer can leave the cart because you yourself are what you are offering.

Do not put in the cart or during check out related products. With this you can achieve pique the curiosity of potential and abandon the process.

9. Add thumbnail images in your cart

Small images of the article in the shopping cart offer customers the security they need to confirm that it is exactly the product you want. The more visual is your shopping online, you’ll get better results.

10. It offers the option to save for later

Many users use the online cart as list of desires. To encourage these users to purchase, you can create option the option to save your favorite products for future purchase.

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