20 Social Media Best Practices For Online Marketing in 2020

20 Social Media Best Practices For Online Marketing in 2020

The immense popularity of social media platforms these days have made it mandatory for businesses to use these platforms to connect with their current and potential customers. 

Online marketing with social media or social media marketing involves creating content for social media and sharing it across the platform to promote your business. It offers elite benefits to the businesses by increasing their outreach, raising awareness about the brand and creating a strong brand image.

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Social Media Best Practices

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Are you leveraging the social media platforms for your setting up a unique identity of your brand? If you haven’t started yet or if you are out there trying to reach more and more people on social media to promote your business, here the 20 best practices for social media marketing that you can follow in 2020 and take your business to new horizons!

20 Best Social Media Marketing Practices to Follow in 2020

1. Know Who is your Audience

The first and best social media practice is knowing for whom you will be connecting with on social media. It can help you answer a range of questions like what are their interests, what influences them, what problems they encounter and how your business can solve their problems.

2. Come up with a Social Media Plan

If you are looking to build a strong presence online, you must come up with a strategy. You will know when to post, what to post, how to track progress and align with your customers. You can create ad campaigns and manage assets only when you sit to think up of a strategy.

3. The Popularity of In-App Purchases

We hope you are familiar with social media shopping! You should know that there are almost 3.2 billion social media users worldwide and more than 30% of the users prefer shopping from social media sites. Social media is now the place where they discover new products.

4. Who is Listening?

Did somebody retweet you? Were you mentioned in someone’s IG story? Keep a check on who is listening to you, who are appreciating and who is criticising. Then, be there with an answer or a thank you or sit in silence and build up a strategy to set aside all your competitors.

5. Quality is a Must!

We all know that it is your content that sells your product. Whether you are splashing out a blog post on social media or posting a video, make sure what you say is relevant and hooks the audience. The images that you use should be of high-quality, radiating your story with glory!

6. The Method of Split Testing

Many social media marketers use this technique of Split Testing in which they follow tow different approaches with two sets of customers and test which one works. You will be using two different methods of pitching your content to the audience and set some metrics that will decide which method wins.

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7. Chatbots and Social Media

The world is all about automation today and you should leverage this fact on your social media. Chatbots can be useful in many cases. They can give quick answers to your customers, help resolve an issue and can provide detailed explanations to a query when you cannot look into the issues right away.

8. SEO on Social Media Can Change Your Game

You must plan to conquer the social media search engine algorithms in your social media marketing strategy. Use hashtags appropriately, tag the relevant accounts, include keywords in your post to enhance your presence on social media. Consider Pinterest for link building and enhancing the visibility of your website. Always use business accounts on your social media so that you can track your moves easily.

9. The Power of Stories

This amazing feature of content-that-vanishes-in-24-hours incorporated in social media platforms is powerful to hook the attention of the audience. You can post real-time updates in stories, send out a product trailer, live chat with customers, mention the customers who appreciated you in their story and even post ads.

10. The Right Influencers For Micro Marketing

Do you know that more than 80% of the online consumers today purchase an item if recommended by a friend or their connections? Social media influencing is, therefore, the best way to make people turn heads towards what you are bringing. Provide reviews on your site from these influencers and customers, post the reviews on social media and see the change in your sales.

Social Media Marketing

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11. Connecting With The Customers With Social Videos

Visual content is promoted by everyone today and is a great option to reach more people on social media. People enjoy watching a one-minute add that sells your product or tells them a story. Videos can help them connect with your business in far more ways than textual content.

12. Leverage IGTV for Deep Insights

IGTV feature of Instagram is nowadays immensely popular and useful for social media marketers. It can be a great place to show your behind-the-scenes! You can post tutorial videos for your customers, share stories of your employees and hold a Q&A session with your audience on IGTV. All these steps will make an amazing first impression for your visitors.

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13. A Prompt Response for Customers

If you cannot work 24/7, it is okay. But, if you reply to a query a week later, it is not at all okay. You need to make your customers realise that you are always there to help them. This helps in building trustworthy relationships with your customers.

14. Your Content Calendar

You need to be consistent with your social media if you want to make your presence. So plan ahead what will you post and when and make an editorial calendar for your social media. You can provide the title of the post, keywords and headlines that you will use. You can also create graphics and hence save time later.

15. Pick Up the Tools that Support Your Social Media

There are social media posting tools available to schedule your posts, create awesome quality videos and even visually plan how your profile would look. Then there are analytics tools available that can help you track your performance. So pick the ones up that can help you elevate your content quality and social media management.

16. Find the Right Platforms

There are many social media platforms available today like Sanpchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But that does not mean that you need to be present everywhere. For some businesses, LinkedIn is the best platform to find their potential customers while for others only Instagram would suffice. So experiment and find where your audience spends the most time and hence pick up a platform.

17. Watch Out Your Competition

Successful social media marketers always make sure they know what their competitors are doing. This gives them ideas on what they can do and what they should not. You can see what your customers are saying about your competitors business and hence you can identify if there are any gaps in your marketing strategy.

18. Find Your Voice

What’s the voice of your brand? Brand voice is nothing but the words that you usually select when you talk to your customers or promote your brand. For instance, the brand voice of CocaCola is Friendliness. Their ads always preach humanity and friendly relationships. So it is important for you to find your brand’s voice which can connect your audience with you.

19. Be Platform-Specific

Do not just create one content and post it everywhere. You should make your audience realise that you are serving them unique content every time. Do not get scared with the amount of work it would require as you can save time by just making small changes in your posts. Maybe changing the call to action or adding a different headline.

20. Track Your Moves

Last, but not least, you must keep a check on the results of your efforts on social media. So set some metrics that will help you analyze whether you are actually progressing or not. See if the audience is actually connecting with your and find a pattern when they respond the most. Then you can alter your social media strategy accordingly. Social media platforms like Pinterest allow you to analyse your progress on the platform itself.

Time to Change with the Changing Technology

Innovation is the other name of this world now. With more and more technological advancements being introduced every day, the working of businesses is going to get affected. If you want to remain in the game, you need to be present with the tech-savvy customers of today where they are.

Until they find any other technology to hang out with, they will be present on social media. So leverage the fact and use the above-mentioned practices to make the most of your online marketing campaigns. If you have any further suggestions, let’s jump into discussions and decode the best marketing tricks with social media. 

General FAQs

What is digital and social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a form of marketing that uses social media sites, forums and blogs to promote product or brand and create awareness about them. Digital Marketing implies promoting and attracting customers, through all digital platforms including internet based and non-internet based channels.

How effective is social media marketing?

Social media is an effective way to build relationships with leads and customers that lead to greater satisfaction and loyalty over time. … Engaging with your customers and leads on social media helps you build stronger customer relationships.

How can social media help you?

Social media helps to develop aspects of commerce by expanding personal networks, such as peer-to-peer selling. Social media connection is a way to build trust that leads to new business relationships.


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