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3 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

The technology is getting better, new forums are coming up to give more insights on latest social and lifestyle changes. 

Why will our marketers stay behind? This area has been the most active thing not only since the advent of internet, but before that too.

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Marketing has given rise to many trends that have eventually become legends. Such as the clown from the McDonalds was just for creating an unique hype and user engagement. But it has now definitely become the mascot of the brand.

Digital Marketing Ideas gifEven today, new ways of marketing are becoming a source of trend. So with the golden history in mind and an even brighter future, let us look into some creative marketing ideas which will totally work for you brand.

Digital Marketing Ideas

  1. Build a trailer

Have you ever seen flop movies getting away with somehow popular trailers? I surely have, it is all around the marketing universe. A trailer is one of the most creative digital marketing technique, that brings a lot of website traffic to your business.

The main motive here is a to form a curiosity among the users about your brand, and instead of giving them answers, showing them a bit more and more to keep them engaged till your product is launched. In this way there will be a lot of traffic and user engagement. Just to see what actually your product or service is.

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Such as before Priyanka Chopra’s app came in the market. It created a lot of gossip and small trailers off what shew is actually going to do it. Everybody knew Priyanka, everybody knew what she does. But people were more keen on looking what new dimension she is trying and therefore, after her app was launched it was recognized and appreciated a lot.

  1. Promote An Exhibition

We all know how exhibitions tend to be liked by people where they come in contact with the product and also see for themselves if the brand is worth investing or not. If that idea is brought to the digital world. It will be a ground breaking thing to do. We are not talking about the end of the season sale or the introductory sale given online by ecommerce marketplaces. This time it is something different.

Big ecommerce sites like Nykaa, Jabong and other sites or even big brands like Zara and L’oreal could hold up a physical experiment while launching their new range of product. It will more or less be like a convention along with a fair. Those who want an insight on the product can get to the demo section and those who want to buy it at the introductory offer can straight away get to the stalls.

These kinds of marketing ideas really will work on the credibility of the brand and on the popularity of the sponsor ecommerce sites. Mainly because all online buyers want is to get a real look of the online product. In this way people will really want to invest for a long time with the brand thus giving them regular sales. Moreover, what else does an ecommerce site want more than good ranking and lots of traffic.

  1. Hold a Contest or a Challenge

This really does sound a bit kaddish, but creativity is always unique and sometimes unbelievable. Promoting your brand by holding a contest or a challenge is really one of the best marketing ideas your prospects wont be expecting form you. We have seen from centuries that most of the giant brands have literally ruled over the marketing world by manipulating the ideology of the prospects.

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Say suppose Dove has used its years of reputation and name to promote almost any product they want. You may have noticed that some of the less known brands are much more better than Dove, but it is always the brands which takes away the big money. But you have really got an extra leg in the digital world. The thing is that digital arena needs less money invest and gives a lot of exposure.

By holding a contest or a challenge, the people online will feel like they have a say here. This is how they will indulge into your brand thus creating useful user engagement and helping your brand get a better promotional boost.

So what are you waiting for? Digital marketing is calling your brand in its golden archives! 


Devendra Singh

Director, Content Strategy at Digital Marketing Trends. I develop, evaluate, and improve the company's content strategies. Providing a big online presence for SMEs and StartUps.