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Download Free Music on Android

Download Free Music on Android

A large part of the people we love listening to music. Personally I would at all times, at work, in the gym, as I walk down the street … The problem of online music listening is that the contract Smartphone data is limited. Therefore, the best option is to use applications to download free music Android and store music on your device directly. If we are going to focus on Apps for Android, in this article. In another article we will put more attention on iphone ;).

From Digital Marketing Trends we have made a deep navigation and testing different applications for download free music that can be found today in the Android Play Store. We realized that with the recent fighting there in the sector Streaming music with Apple’s Music entry Youtube Music or whenever the online music download is more restricted.

Another option is to go into these pages to download music to your PC, and then save it to your Smartphone. But this option seems much more cumbersome considering the tools we contacted today and you will discuss below.

Top 4 applications to download free music Android

Each of these applications you’ll find totally free on Google Play, so you only have to download them to enjoy them.

1. Download free MP3 music.

Download free MP3 music is one of the few free applications to download music and find Android that allows you to download all kinds of songs. From classic to the most current and the most famous singers. The downside it has, which we have seen and we have also seen in the comments is that the App is plagued with invasive advertising.

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The application allows downloading music, but you can not play it from your usual player, but must do so from the same application.

Application to Download Music Free


2. Free Mp3 Downloads

Free Mp3 Downloads is one of the applications to download music works best at the technical level. Once Descartes, you can enter it, enter what you’re looking for, select the song you want to download and start to lower it. The downside is that before downloading several advertising banners that appear are somewhat annoying. Another downside is that music is not the most known. Likely due to legal issues with intellectual property. But depending you’re looking for music, you can be a good choice.

3. Free MP3 Music Download

Free MP3 Music Download, like the example above, is an application for download free music that works very well at the technical level. That is, you can find the songs very easily, has a section for newly added themes and the download is just a click away. The cons is that the song catalog is small and does not have the best-known artists.

Application to Download Free Music Free MP3 Music

4. MP3 Palco

MP3 Palco is a curious application to download music. Since it is exclusively for independent bands and artists from Brazil. If you can enjoy the download more than 100,000 songs from independent artists. We have tested and the truth that the sound quality is impeccable, the app works very well and is fully recommendable. You can both listen to online music and download songs that you like.

Applications to Download Free Mp3 Box

However we have seen, if you are a great lover of music every time you have fewer options at the level of applications to download free music online. The giants who are fighting for leading the music sector Streaming know and one of the common options offered in their Premium plans is to enjoy the music without connection. So surely it will become increasingly difficult to find quality applications with which to download for offline listening music on your Smartphone.


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