45% Of Online Consumers Have Suffered From Cybercrime



One in six consumers who have suffered a cyber attack have lost money through online fraud. Even 20% have lost more than € 1,100.

So shocking are the data of the new research conducted by MarkMonitor, a company dedicated to the protection of trademarks. According to respondents’ responses, 45% of them have been victims of some type of cybercrime. Of these, 65% reported to the relevant authorities on what happened.

The most common frauds

There are some types of fraud that are the most common and we must protect ourselves.

Request to reset password

In this case, the study reveals that the false request to reset passwords of profiles in social networks is one of them reaching 20%.


E-mails are another form of cyberfraud. The most common practice is to send emails pretending to be legitimate companies and request personal information.

The consequences of fraud

As we have seen in this study on cyber security, once a consumer has suffered some form of fraud is afraid to use the internet after that experience.

In addition, this is something that directly damages the marks, since 21% of the victims felt displeased with the mark and attributed to this part of the responsibility.

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Due to this detriment, it is of vital importance that any organization or brand protects itself against this type of harmful online actions against them.

What do consumers trust?

Consumers have shown clear trends. Their confidence increases when it comes to online transactions in established channels that generate confidence such as mobile banking applications with 52% or online stores with 50% confidence.

By contrast, social media were the worst rated channel with 16% and advertising in these media with 14%. The bottom line is that social media users do not trust these channels to have sufficient capacity to keep their personal information safe.

Use the SSL certificate to offer confidence to your users

Consumers today are demanding with online security and as a result more and more companies offer a greater offer of services dedicated to web follower, such as the 1and1 Virtual SSL Checker that allows to see if a web has integrated said certificate. So this is an essential requirement that your online store should contain if you want consumers to really trust it and buy it for you.

Providing security to users anywhere online is vital if you want them to visit, read or buy. Consumers online have a high level of awareness about the dangers of online transactions by 87%, as well as the tactics used by cyber-criminals taking precautions in their online management.

Fifty-four percent said they limited the introduction of personal data on well-known brand websites, and they checked the https or padlock symbol on their browser by 50%. This data is revealing for both consumers and online businesses.

Very common platforms in online commerce like Wodrpress, Magento or Prestashop are already implementing this type of web security. You have not done it in your online business yet?


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