5 Applications That Will Make Easier Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing Strategy

It is widely recognized the benefits of a good marketing strategy video – video best captures the attention of consumers. 

Increase the time spent on the website promoting SEO influences the purchase decision, find out more clicks and conversions, gives greater visibility social networks etc and we know that by 2018 video will account for 84% of all consumer Internet. It is clear therefore that the video has to be present in some way in our digital strategy.

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For the important things, we always have professionals in the field that make us quality videos; creative, original and integrated into our strategy audiovisual works. But for the day of our social networks, there are many video apps that allow us to provide our video content easy to make, consume, creative and shareable.

Here are five applications to start providing your video content on the Internet. All share its ease of use and its free.


Vine: We have already discussed in previous post on how to use some brands came. This app allows six-second videos and share them on your social networks. Vine seem few seconds but has already proven to be more than enough to capture consumer attention. Some use six seconds in a video from start to finish and who makes nice stop motions as short as fun. The mini Vine videos are creative by nature of the app, easily consumable and shared well. Now account for one in five shared tweets.


Instagram: Although it is the ultimate photo app, Intagram also records videos. In this case 15 seconds. Like the pictures, you can apply filters, post comments and hashtags. If your brand already has a community in this network, introduce video in your publications will be easy and very well received by your fans.


Mixbit: Unlike Instagram Vine and this app allows you to post videos up to one hour with clips of one to 16 seconds. For mounting prints can be used by us with the app videos, other files downloaded from the net and photos. It allows you to choose effects, texts and music. It also includes the option of producing videos among several people so it can be useful to propose fun activities that require the participation of our audience.

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Take advantage depends on our creativity. Mixbit is a creation of the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen and, for now, is only available for IOS. You can see some examples here.


Cameo: This app was born in 2013 offers many templates, textures and filters that give the videos a cinematic character. Applying two or three default options, the video goes from being a current recording made with the phone, to a certain quality audiovisual pill. It allows also create stop motion or record as if we were in a kaleidoscope. An extensive list of inspirational music complete this great app, for now, it is only available for IOS. As in mixbit, it allows multiple users to edit video. The maximum video time is 2 minutes. Take a look at some examples.


Wouzee: A streaming video application. It allows to broadcast live from a cell and automatically share in our social networks. It may be useful to relay events of our brand and are seen on Twitter or Facebook in real time. It also offers the option of allowing users invited by us-may-previously added to the broadcast of the event, so that their mobile phones work as television cameras that offer different angles and views within the same event.

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Do you urge to use any of these apps on your video marketing strategy? 


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