5 Reasons Why You Urgently Need to Automate Your Marketing Processes

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Is your business looking to improve its overall marketing efficiencies, eliminate redundancies from your marketing processes while streamlining and creating simplicity?

If it is, then it’s time to start looking into marketing automation software. 

Marketing automation will not only increase your marketing productivity. With the right platform, you’ll find an automation solution that will work with your business needs, ensuring you can better respond and interact with your customer base.

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Moreover, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, what was once reserved for large enterprises is now available for small businesses.

Read on to discover how automation can empower your strategic marketing initiatives.

  1. Higher quality leads

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When marketing automation is integrated with your CRM processes, you can track how your customer base interacts with your marketing initiatives. Marketing automation paints a clear picture of what marketing strategies are working and what channels your consumers are engaging with. Access to such insight will drive efficiency and streamline your marketing processes so you can devise initiatives that have proven success with engagement.

Being able to create more effective marketing strategies means your business can increase its conversions through lead nurturing. By automating lead nurturing processes, you get a better understanding of what your prospective consumers need. This enables you to target their needs with the correct marketing information in a systematic way.

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As a result, your sales team is in a better position to engage with your prospects at that point in their buyer journey when they are ready to convert.

  1. Increase revenue

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The increasing number of high quality leads your business is able to generate through marketing automation directly correlates with increases in your ROI and revenues. But don’t just take our word for it, here are some statistics to highlight how automation increases revenue:

  • 77% of those that use automation report conversion has improved (VB Insight, 2015)
  • 78 % marketers say marketing automation is the main reason for a better profit (The Lenskold Group, 2013)
  • 80% of those that use marketing automation have gotten more leads through automation (VB Insight, 2015)
  • 79% of CMOs that used automation saw increased revenue, while 76% saw a higher quality of leads (Gleanster, 2013)
  • 119% higher click rates for automated emails than non-automated emails (Epsilon, 2013)

Automation enables your marketing and sales teams to focus on qualified leads that are ready to convert. This shortens your business sales cycle, enabling your teams to generate more sales within the same time period.

  1. Enforces accountability

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The proliferation of digital channels has created a marketing landscape that requires measurable and actionable results. Marketing, after all, is a result-driven industry and this requires accountability. Marketing automation provides this much-needed accountability so that budgets are not spent frivolously on campaigns and initiatives without proven, measurable results.

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Automation platforms provide marketing teams the tools necessary to measure and track the results of campaigns. Automation is able to employ big data to analyze and determine the effectiveness of a campaign. This helps to efficiently allocate the necessary resources to the channels that are proven to work and perform effectively.

  1. Minimizes costs and errors

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Until the introduction of marketing automation, data entry was a necessary, but joyless process. This leads to time wastage and is prone to error, which would then lead to diminishing the quality of data your marketing and sales teams need to engage with your customer base.

With automation software, your business can vastly improve efficiencies, employing automated rules to update CRM data entries, reducing the risk of duplicate, incorrect, or improper data. Improving accuracy drastically reduces downtime and marketing mistakes that cost money.

  1. Fosters creativity

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Fostering creativity is often considered a less tangible reason to urgently automate processes. Nevertheless, it remains an important facet as to why your business needs to automate its marketing efforts.

Working on mundane repetitive tasks is no one’s idea of fun. By delegating repetitive tasks to automation software, your marketing team can focus on what they do best: creating innovative and creative campaigns that will effectively engage with your target audience. By being able to focus on creative tasks, your business will see a rise in productivity and overall employee job satisfaction.


In today’s competitive landscape, if your business is still contemplating marketing automation, you’re falling behind your competitors. No matter the shape or size of your business, marketing automation is an essential building block critical to increasing your business revenue while saving it precious time and money.

Start using Robotic Process Automation services to automate your daily routine tasks that are repetitive, high in volume, and do not require manual judgement.


Tomi Saikkonen

Tomi Saikkonen is the Vice President of Liana Technologies, Middle East. Just like you Tomi is fascinated by the possibilities of digital marketing and technology. He actively seeks out ways to help businesses and organizations across industries to improve their digital marketing ROI.