Embed Videos on Website: 7 Reasons Why Your Website Should Have Video

Embed Videos on Website

Embed Videos on Website

The video to display, in an entertaining way, almost any content we want to reach our users. But we can draw the match to have audiovisual material on our site goes far beyond.  

Here are seven reasons why you should include video on your website.

1. It is easy to consume: If the images are more attractive to consume texts, videos are much more important. They do not require any effort from the user, just press play and watch. The internet is lazy by nature and very demanding. Has so much information around that will be easier to consume and where it put attractive.

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2. They shared: The videos are more likely to be shared than any other content. That does not mean they are viral by definition (an error very common conception), but is more than proven that are much more likely to be shared in bulk. Especially if they appeal to the emotions: a 90% share videos that are emotional theme or mood.

3. SEO favor: The videos increase the time spent on our website and therefore benefit the natural positioning. If you also have entitled with the right keywords and allow them to be embedded in any other site, we will exponentially improve the SEO of our website.

4. Increase the engagement: The brand values are transmitted much better through the video. Not only have words but with pictures, music, a voice, a measured assembly. We have many more resources for us to tell our story and much more likely to reach our consumers. Furthermore, 80% of users remember much better if a brand has used videos of it.

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5. Increase the conversion: 85% of consumers are more willing to buy into pages where videos where there are none. This is because the audiovisual material helps them to learn and understand the products also seem more attractive.

6. They give us information about our customers: Just looking at the number of views of each video we will know what products or parts of the site are most popular and act accordingly to change whatever is necessary.

7. They can be affordable: Not all videos have why be large audiovisual productions. While we flee from “My brother has a camera that makes us” and always go for professionals skilled in the art to important videos, we can have little pills in our video sites economically. Some platforms like Instagram, Vine or can be very useful for short videos to replace boring texts. For example in product demonstrations: Imagine an e-commerce selling latex pillows. We could write a common text to explain as “the pillow, thanks to the excellent quality of latex, includes the weight of the head and returns to its natural position in seconds without deforming with the passage of time,” or we can make a vine of six seconds showing a pillow regains its shape in an instant. Certainly much easier to consume and more fun, right?

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Are you urge to include videos on your site? 


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