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Frances Tang

Frances Tang

Frances is the founder/Captain Awkward/CEO of Awkward Essentials, a company that makes products that address the unspoken parts of hygiene. She is also the inventor of the dripstick — an after sex cleanup sponge. Frances Tang never intended to build a company around a post-sex cleanup tool, but the Awkward Essentials founder saw a need — and an opportunity — for an entrepreneur willing to go there. Now, Frances is leading a revolution for female founders, showing that fearlessness is a founder’s most important value.

Marketing Controversial Product

Marketing A Controversial Product: Challenges & Lessons I’ve Learned About Changing Public Perception

I’ve always been a fan of marketing campaigns that involve controversy. Stirring the pot of public perception has always been an effective (albeit, unorthodox) way to increase awareness of a new brand or product....