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Bluetooth Microphone

Bluetooth Microphone

Use the bluetooth microphone for your mobile and get a professional sound on videos you take with your Smartphone

There are many people who do not know, but there are a type of exclusive microphone bluetooth mobile. With these wireless microphones that you’ll get far better listen without being right next to the mobile phone with which you are performing the recording. In addition, you can distance yourself better to catch a plane, which without the use of microphones usually considerably lower quality recording. Although remember that the maximum recommended distance for this type of recordings is about 10 meters.

Other important things to mention is the ease offered by the use of a Bluetooth microphone, and you will not have to be thinking about if you sound bad or, if you’re close or far. But you can freely move around the space, but of course, following the guidelines to make a good presentation. With a wireless microphone the volume and intensity of your voice will be constantly helping it that you hear perfectly, smoothly and homogeneous.

Choose your application to record with microphone bluetooth

One of the first things we have to consider when recording with a wireless microphone like this, is that we need an application to record video that is compatible with this type of gadget.

Application to record videos with bluetooth microphone iOs

One of the best known for iOs devices is MoviePro. With it you can make great recordings and provides advanced both your iPhone and Ipad. At the moment, we have not heard of another application for iOs apart from MoviePro to allow recording with bluetooth microphone. So if you know any hope that we leave it in the comments of this article.

Application to record videos with bluetooth microphone on Android

For those who may have any of the devices running Android, one of the best applications to record with a wireless microphone that I discussed is FV5 Cinema. One application for videos that currently exists in the market for Androids.

Options to purchase microphones to record with mobile bluetooth

Visually, Bluetooth headphones and microphones are often very similar. Be careful when making your choice and make sure the microphone is integrated.

If you want to get the recording quality and reduce external noises, the Bluetooth microphone is an excellent solution and complement for recordings with your mobile. While it is true that this type of wireless microphones quality is not as good as with specific microphones to record with phones that often lead cable. It may be the type of signal sent, to be wirelessly loses quality.

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However, each type of microphone for mobile is designed to cover a type of needs. Wireless microphones allow more movement but loses some quality microphones that are connected directly to the mobile offer more quality, but when connected via cable must remain still or with very little movement.

Use the microphone for mobile you use, note that it will always be better than the standard that is integrated your device and get a much higher quality.


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