You can now do product testing campaigns at SeedingUp

Test of Product Seedingup

Test of Product Seedingup

Increase the visibility of your products and services by running a product testing campaign on SeedingUp

SeedingUp is one of the best known companies to carry out marketing campaigns with influencers at the International level. We have already talked about this platform in several articles, but today we want to present a service that they have recently launched and we have found very interesting. 

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Influencers offer credibility

Undoubtedly, one of the best things that influencers can do and that they can offer to brands is credibility to their audience. To do this, every influencer who values himself must try to be objective to generate the necessary confidence. This is not at all easy, but those who get it get great results.

For brands, partnering with powerful influencers that target the same target audience is synonymous with campaign success. But the difficult thing on these occasions is to find and contact these people. This is exactly the reason for being from SeedingUp. It is a platform in which we can find all kinds of influencers, filter by themes, see the campaign options they offer, hire them and much more.

New Product Testing Campaigns

SeedingUp has gone a step further and has launched a new service called “Product Testing Campaign”. So far, we could hire the influencers and ask them to do a review of a product, but it was not a standardized service. Now we can do it and get better visibility of our products with the new service model.

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Making a Product Test stands out for being a specific report and written by an influencer through a real test of your product (you will have to send it). You can define some indications in advance in the form of briefing, although the final writing will be done by the blogger. In addition, you can suggest the images or videos that you would like to be included.

What are the advantages of a Product Test?

  • You will have a real opinion through use.
  • Visibility through the influencer channel.
  • You will improve brand awareness.
  • You will reach your target audience with credibility.
  • You will increase the traffic to your website and you will get sales.

In addition, you can amplify the results by doing additional actions such as giving visibility in your social networks, add it on your website if you have a section on the mentions that have made about your brand and all the actions you can think of.

On the other hand, it is also interesting to mention that SeedingUp has campaign advisers who are in charge of advising clients from the beginning of the campaign to the end. You can contact yours and it will help you to specify the objectives, budget and explain the procedure. Then you will continue to choose the most relevant influencers within your target audience. They will send the briefing to the selected ones and if you wish also they will be in charge of the shipment of the products. Finally, they will take care of you in report. 


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