Chatbots Marketing: How can AI Chatbots Enhance your Sales and SEO Strategies

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Chatbots Marketing How can AI Chatbots Enhance your Sales and SEO Strategies

Chatbots are becoming a key factor in improving the sales of businesses. Technology has changed everything from manufacturing of the product to the branding of the product. 

The customer support is also revolutionized by use of artificial intelligence applications. The introduction of chatbot in businesses has enabled them to leverage their sales and SEO strategies as well.

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 What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots is a computer program that can communicate with the people over the internet. Chatbots are built using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. A chatbot is a modern tool that is helping the businesses in improving the customer satisfaction and sales. The user is more satisfied with getting good customer service. The user would like to visit the website again as he is getting better user experience. This also helps in improving the SEO of the website as more traffic is generated.

Let us now discuss how chatbots marketing can enhance your sales and SEO strategies:

  1. Identifying the Lead:

    A business can generate huge traffic on its website with various promotional activities and good SEO techniques. Generating the traffic is good but it is not the main aim of business. It is the first step towards the main goal i.e. enhancing the sales. Chatbots prompt the user when user is looking to buy your products or services. Chatbot can also narrow the results based on user’s requirement. This encourages the user to buy your product, services and improve the sales.

  2. Order processing:

    Chatbots have improved the order processing for the businesses. Take an example of the food industry. International brands like Domino’s and KFC have deployed chatbots that can take the orders form the customers. They can handle multiple customers at a time, so the order processing becomes quicker. It automatically puts the order in the queue for processing. This has increased the sales of food industry or any other order processing industry.

  3. Availability:

    Chatbot is available at your service round the clock. Chatbots can provide 24/7 customer support service to your clients. Your business can have local clients or over the seas clients. Clients ask various queries before buying your products and services. Chatbots answer the client queries and also act as marketers for your product. With 24/7 availability, you can improve the customer support service considerably.

  4. Chatbots are cost effective:

    Round-the-clock customer support staff can drain out a huge amount of budget of the organization. No doubt that larger organizations are also hesitant in employing the customer support staff. Chatbots can solve this problem for the businesses. A chatbot is a one-time investment that has a huge return on investment (ROI). Also, chatbots have the ability to handle multiple clients simultaneously.

  5. Improving Response Rate:

    No one in the world likes to wait for long hours to get their queries answered. The customer expects businesses to respond quickly regarding their queries. However, this may not be possible everytime due to several reasons. It may take several hours or days for a business to respond. But customer won’t wait for that long. Artificial intelligence companies have developed chatbots that are quick in responding. They can resolve the minor issues and queries of the clients. The client gets better service and this will be reflected in the sales of the organization. It also improves the SEO of the website as the customer will be visiting the website again for any further assistance.

  6. Chatbots automates recursive tasks:

    A lot of clients ask the same repetitive queries to the customer support staff. The customer support staff can get bored or irritated by answering the same questions. Artificial intelligence applications have helped in creating chatbots that can answer the repeated and basic queries of the clients. They can be programmed to transfer more complex queries to the human support staff. This works on 80-20 ratio. 80 percent of the queries asked are repetitive and only 20 percent queries are complex or new. This frees the customer support staff and they can be given more productive and challenging task.

  7. Leverage shopping experience:

    E-commerce websites can enhance their sales by using the chatbots. There are tons of e-commerce websites over the internet. To find a product over these websites is not an easy task. To find a product over these websites may take a lot of time and effort of the client. AI and machine learning Chatbots can help the customers in finding the right product. Users have to tell the chatbot about their requirements and preferences.

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Chatbots filter outs the product for the clients. This also helps in improving the sales as it helps in speeding up the purchasing process. This also helps in generating the traffic over the website. Therefore SEO of the website is also enhanced.

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In the end, we can say that Chatbots marketing have become an integral part of any business. Big players have already come to know about the importance of chatbots. Artificial intelligence research in Chatbots will further enhance the functionalities and usage of chatbots. Technology is helping the businesses in serving the content to the customers in an effective and quicker way. Chatbots development companies are now working on more intelligent and robust solutions that can further improve the SEO and sales for the businesses.


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