Content Marketing: The Dream Team

content marketing team

Content Marketing Team

A while now there are many companies that have dedicated efforts to implement a content marketing strategy in your business. However I note that many of them just do not fully understand the operation and there is still much ignorance about this technique. To say nothing about professionals who should compose the team responsible for implementing it.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing (or marketing content) is a marketing technique that involves the creation and distribution of valuable content to attract the target audience of the brand.

In other words: it is to communicate with our target audience without selling anything. Just the closeness of futurible customer looking to brand intended to be a priority option to later purchase.

Who forms the content marketing team?

As in any department of the company, there are different professional profiles that will compose the team responsible for the content marketing strategy of the brand. And these are…

Strategist content

It is responsible for creating content strategy. In other words, it is responsible for planning the content to conform to the objectives of the company. He works with the editor and social media manager.


He is the coordinator of the drafters. Its task is to ensure that all content and style have the required quality. Usually it is a journalistic profile professionals.


He is the head of essay writing for the blog, ebooks, newsletters, etc. It is necessary that the editors are accustomed to writing for the web and have some knowledge about SEO, digital marketing and social media.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designer

All text needs an attractive presentation and graphic designer is responsible for grant it. This is an important marketing profile within the content. The graphic designer is responsible for all the contents have the image required by brand.

Social Media Manager

The contents that are not distributed, are nothing. Social Media Manager is responsible for designing the content distribution strategy. This strategy will be implemented by the Community Manager of the company.

SEO specialist

Although the editors have notions about SEO, the SEO specialist will be of great help to guide them in the search engine positioning of content they generate.
And is that … what brand do not wish to appear on the first page of Google?

Do you need to hire all these people?

Do not panic. I can imagine that you have started to make calculations and the figure has started to get dizzy.
There are different formulas to have the work of these charges without the need to hire an interim professional for each position. And you can hire freelance depending on the needs you have your brand or you can hire people versatile covering two or more tasks.

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While large companies are able to maintain a full team for their content marketing strategies, it is true that sometimes we must be realistic when implementing this technique. Not all companies have the budget needed to keep many professionals and sometimes a versatile worker can resultarnos advantageous.

And you, you have already started implementing content marketing in your company?

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