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Why SEO is actually All about Content Marketing

Why SEO is Actually All about Content Marketing?

Is SEO Precisely About Content Marketing in a Nutshell? An Analytical Overview  What is the most common term that comes to your mind when SEO driven content marketing is the primary concern? Isn’t it...
Content Marketing Tips For Every Modern Marketer

Content Marketing Tips For Every Modern Marketer Infographic

‘On average, B2B marketers allocate 28% of their total marketing budget to content marketing.’ – Content Marketing Institute  ‘Content’ is and will be the king of all marketing activities. Be it SEO, Social Media,...
Freelance Writer

How much does a freelance writer charge in Spain?

Unlike other sectors, there is very little data on the profession of freelance writer. How much do you charge? What tasks does it perform? These and other questions are very recurrent in forums and...
Content Marketing

Amplifies Content Marketing Beyond Brand Boundaries

Content marketing is much more than creating content on the company’s own website or brand I have read one and a hundred times articles that talk about content marketing. Almost all of them explain...