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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

The goal of every company should focus on “Customer Experience Management”.

RECIPE: I based on the customer experience, combined with a pinch of Experiential Marketing and finally a touch of Emotional Marketing.

Customer Experience = ability to generate emotions

Are we really prepared to generate unique and differentiated experiences? For 99% of cases, establish a resounding “NO”.

The most important part and less developed within the customer experience is managing emotions, as unique and memorable experiences that may generate an emotional bond between the company and the consumer at all levels.

Often, companies do not understand what the potential to develop new digital technologies for the customer experience; that goes far beyond an app of “throwaway” whose main features ranging from enhanced information services, management reserves to ease of purchase through cross-selling and upselling.

In the era of the digital world with multiple channels of direct interaction, social networking, big data and an increasingly technological and demanding consumer, managing Customer Experience directed toward “emotional people” has established itself as a differentiator from our competitors.

Today’s consumers demand a technological, emotional and interactive Experinciencia

MINI and its prototype augmented reality glasses, far beyond a simple driving experience, ALERT !! MINI drivers are already asking where they can buy them and now is a prototype.

Clément legends Briend: 3D technology designed in different spaces that will not go unnoticed in the eyes of anyone.

Julius Popp, a German artist who has taken the message to a new dimension.

interactive museums, including the Cleveland Museum of Art where the user experience is at the heart of the strategy.

Deehubs promises to bring unique and differentiating experiences that can surprise and excite with the help of a phone and a drone.

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