Ecommerce Growth Tips: 5 Secrets to Running A Successful E-commerce Business

Ecommerce Growth Tips 5 Secrets to Running A Successful E-commerce Business

More than two billion people worldwide are expected to purchase goods and services online in 2021, up from an estimated 1.66 billion people in 2017. 

It is also projected that sales will reach US$4.4 trillion in 2021 up from US$2.3 trillion dollars in 2017. These numbers are nothing to scoff at, so it’s no wonder many people want to open an Ecommerce business.

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The big players in the game may make Ecommerce look easy but building a successful online business requires work. However, it’s still possible to run a profitable venture. Here are five things you need to do.

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Prepare Properly for Launch

You shouldn’t rush into opening an online business. Many entrepreneurs get excited about the possibilities of Ecommerce and start doing business before they’re ready. It’s recommended that you buy your domain name early, but the site shouldn’t go live until you have solid financial and marketing plans. Simply listing products or services on a website will not be enough in a crowded market. In order to be successful, you must first know your customers and have a clear understanding of how you will target them and how you will meet their needs. You also need to know the logistics of how you will deliver your product or service before you launch.

Master SEO Best Practices

Potential customers often turn to search engines when they want to find a retailer or service provider, and they will rarely look past the first page of results. The first page is where you want to be if you aim to be a successful E-commerce business. In a competitive market, it has become increasingly important to stand out online. Making sure your search engine optimization is up to par will ensure your target audience can find you when they need you.

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Don’t Focus Solely on the Hard Sell

Sure, you opened your Ecommerce business to make money. However, you shouldn’t simply keep trying to get people to buy your products or services. The same person is unlikely to visit your site every day or week with the intention of making a purchase. You still need to get them on the site often, and the way to do that is through content. Write regular blog posts, share interesting tidbits about the company or its founders, or post behind the scenes images. Find ways to connect with your audience even when you aren’t pushing for a sale. When you build a strong following of people who enjoy your content, they’re more likely to make a purchase while they’re on your site. At the very least, you remain top of mind when they are ready to buy.

Get creative with your e-procurement

If you’re selling products to businesses, you want to have purchasing systems in place which are sophisticated yet simple to use. Opt for a solution like PunchOut Catalogs which connects suppliers like you to buyers. This system gives your clients a straightforward purchasing system while still giving you the opportunity to cross-sell or upsell. It also strengthens your competitiveness since some large corporations and companies only do business with suppliers who use Punch Out. Another advantage is that you gain information on your customers’ browsing history and search patterns.

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Let customers be your brand ambassadors

Whether you’re in the B2B or B2C fields, testimonials from satisfied customers can go a long way in boosting the reputation of your E-commerce business. Sharing testimonials regularly on your website can get more of your visitors to become buyers. Testimonials help to bolster your own advertising and marketing efforts since potential customers place value on third-party endorsements. If a business or customer sees someone similar to them pushing your product or service, that impacts their buying decision.  

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E-commerce is showing no signs of slowing down. That means you technically have access to billions of customers. However, you need to put in the work to ensure that you stand out online and meet your customers’ needs. Follow these Ecommerce growth tips, and you’ll be well on your way. 


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