Where To Find The Best Cities For Digital Nomads

Best Cities for Digital Nomads

Best Cities for Digital Nomads

Cities for digital nomads

If you’re one of the lucky few who have the good fortune to work from anywhere around the world, or you just go take a break to travel, even just for other activities that allow you to explore and visit other places, you should know that there a website where you can find the best cities for digital nomads is nomadlist.com.

This is a website developer by Pieter Levels, who created it in the same line of interest that lets you work from anywhere. This site is also very simple to use as it is based on a voting system to rank cities according precisely the most votes made by visitors to the page.

Digital Nomad List

Cabe mention that the list view displays all the basic information related to each city, including data such as temperature, speed of the Internet connection, plus the estimated cost of living. There is much more additional information if you click on a specific city. On the site the main aspects of the price range and estimated factors that could possibly influence the decision to live or not in a particular location are also detailed.


This feature gives digital nomads an excellent starting point in terms of finding new places to live and work. Currently the cities of Asia seem to be the most popular destinations for digital nomads, which can be understood by the creator of the site has been a long time living in Southeast Asia.

Thailand, for example, is at the top of preferences, ahead of other equally interesting cities for digital nomads as the case of Taipei, Davo and Bangkok. Sofia, Bulgaria, is the fate of Europe is placed higher on the list, in this case in the fifth. Over time it is a fact that the classification of anger cities changing because right now this is a site that has recently been launched.

As more and more people make their votes and provide independent opinions, digital nomads will still have a larger amount of interesting information to assess the destinations where they should live and work at the same time. Regardless of the positions, there are a lot of useful data that can be enough to give us a basic idea of what we want to do and where to do it.

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