Fire Your Online Sales By Attracting Your Potential Customers

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

In this article we will explain the 4 phases of inbound marketing. Do not miss it!

The goal of any business is to reach your potential customers to sell their services or products. To do this, in the offline world they are carried out different tactics such as mailing, distributing catalogs, posters …. But how it has translated this in the online world?

I’m sure that sounds like the word or Inbound Marketing Attraction marketing. These are terms that define a formula that was created several years ago to combine several digital marketing techniques, organizing them to work together better results.

The flow of the 4 stages of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is based on 4 stages that follow the same principles as traditional AIDA.

The flow of the 4 stages is based on achieving increased online traffic to these visits generate interest and get them to stop their data on the form that the company has prepared for it. The company may contact them to close the sale and finally take action to retain them.

First of all, you must know perfectly to your Buyer Person

One of the key points before carrying out this tactic is to know exactly who is your Buyer person. Thus, the actions that take place through the Inbound Marketing should be adapted to your potential customer.

Let’s look in more detail the different stages!

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4 stages Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing phases

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Stage 1: Attraction.

As we mentioned, in this first phase the goal is to attract visitors to online reference point where we want to convert visitors. For this you must get reach your target audience to be able to attract. But it will not attract any type of traffic, but you must attract the ideal traffic based on your business or service. Hence the need to know perfectly Buyer Persona. You must prioritize traffic quality rather than quantity.

To do this, power your tactics on websites, blogs and social networks. Creates a plan focused on your content and refusal Buyer Person with a powerful analysis of keywords and SEO to get reach exactly the people you’re looking for quality. You should make sure you appear in Google for searches related to your products and services, thus’ll capture high quality traffic because it is looking for exactly what you offer. But it does not end here, discloses and viral this content through social networks for greater dissemination by focusing on networks is your target audience.

Stage 2: Conversion.

The attraction strategy that has carried out has been successful, it’s time to take the next step. You must convert those visitors into leads by getting them to give you their contact details. Which is not usually easy, for it must offer something of value in return: an ebook, an interesting study, exclusive publications, videos … The goal is to convince!

Strategies capture leads are usually settle on two key factors. On the one hand creating Landing Pages optimized to capture, and on the other hand the creation of powerful calls to action (CTA) to finish convince visitors to leave you your data. They should stand out above the rest of the text and indicate to the user two things: 1. What you should do and 2. What you will get.

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Step 3: Close.

After attracting traffic you have been able to get enough interest to cause you leave your data in the form on this page. So now is the time to close the sale. One of the techniques used is sending email marketing campaigns focused on the person Buyer. Both through quality content, as direct conversion focused campaigns. There is also the option to arrange meetings, make sales calls …

Step 4: Loyalty.

Once sold the product, we turn customers into brand evangelists and products of this. Turn strangers into customers is not easy, and is shown to have more of a low cost loyalty to a client to get new ones. Therefore, Take care !. Make them feel unique. In this way you can look for the re-purchase, as well as to help you in your product visibility recommending and acting evangelizes.

To do this, you can offer special deals and discounts via email campaign. To meet your satisfaction, you can do surveys through your website, or make a social monitoring to know what it says online. This will give you a wider to resolve possible dissatisfaction and will help detect vision problems. And the best, you will increase your customer satisfaction.

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