How is AI Battling the Coronavirus Outbreak?

AI Coronavirus Outbreak

Many would say that Artificial intelligence has always been overrated, but when it comes to health care, it has evidently proven winner. 

Thus, the main question that arises here is, would AI be able to combat this COVID -19 outbreak? If yes, how? Eventually, multiple machine language-oriented companies are working to mitigate this dilemma.

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Numerous Executives of AI companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft has held meetings in order to discuss and offer their possible services to contribute to this pandemic. One of the significant areas of discussion that was pen down was “tracking the data”. Moreover, in such meetings, multiple companies were taken into account for tracking data by the help of artificial intelligence. According to reports by the World Health Organization, it has been said that big data and AI were the primary elements China used as a response to overcome this issue.

Data Sharing 

With the aim of contributing its services, Facebook has already initiated its project with Facebook is already working with Harvard University’s researchers at National Tsing Hua University, and School of Public Health in Taiwan, distributing anonymised data regarding the movement of people and high-resolution density maps of the respective population that has helped them to anticipate the extent of virus spread.

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Moreover, these social networking platforms are helping to understand the way in which people are responding and talking about this dilemma online or through multiple tools aggregating the social-media posts. Previously, search data of Google was taken into consideration for tracking the contagious diseases. With an aim for people monitoring their health, life-science research of Google’s arm is creating a tiny temperature patch that will be body-worn and transfer the data on their phone app. This patch will be optimal in elderly populations because they have higher chances of viruses catching and mortality.

Fighting Misinformation

Till nowthere is not any comprehensive study undertaken regarding the amount of misinformation provided on such platforms, but it is possible to be substantial. There have been various Whiteboard video animation services provided online to spread the information about how we can take care of ourselves by maintaining social distances. As per the updates on Google’s official networking page, their workers are working day and night to secure people from spreading misinformation, conspiracy theories, and phishing. If you look for the COVID-19 or coronavirus an SOS message alerts, providing the links to get the correct information. Whereas, YouTube meanwhile has dedicated its homepage so people can be direct the World Health Organization groups, for accurate information and education as well as removing the scamming videos that suggest cures for coronavirus before they go live.

Finding Drugs

A company based in British was the first one to utilize drug molecule based on AI-designed for the human trials. To create the It algorithms, it took 12 months as compared to the work done in 5-6 years for classical research. Moreover, the AI can be used in specific ways to overcome the crisis:

  • For developing vaccines and antibodies for the coronavirus.
  • For scanning the existing drugs to monitor if aby could be of help
  • For designing a drug that battles current as well as future outbreaks of corona

The quickest time for finding one is 18 to 24 months from now, keeping the generating scale-up and another vital safety testing in mind. AI owned by Google, meanwhile, used the Alpha Fold system for releasing the predictions of multiple proteins linked with the virus.

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However, these have not been verified experimentally, but it has the hope to aid the understanding of the scientific community understanding of how corona functions. Scientists of these endeavors were praised the same way to those at outbreak forefront for releasing the data fast that is quite crucial for cure algorithms.

There needed to be a global effort from all of us to encourage the large industries of food, pharma, clothing etc and Information technology companies like AnimationDok who have been joining services with academics, smaller drug-data stores and research centers to pool data resources. 

General FAQs

Is there a vaccine for the coronavirus disease?

Currently, there is no vaccine available to protect against 2019- novel Corona Virus.

How can you prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease?

Practice Social Distancing: Avoid gatherings such as melas, haats, gatherings in religious places, social functions etc. Maintain a safe distance of at least one Metre between you and other people when in public places, especially if they are having symptoms such as cough, fever etc. to avoid direct droplet contact. Stay at home as much as possible.

What are the symptoms of the coronavirus disease?

Current symptoms reported for patients with 2019-nCoV include acute onset of fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing.


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