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CoronaVirus Impact

How CoronaVirus Changed The Way We Use Internet in 2020

With the majority of the world in lockdown mode and people stuck in their homes, Coronavirus has had a massive impact on slowing down the way of the world as we know it.  The...
AI Coronavirus Outbreak

How is AI Battling the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Many would say that Artificial intelligence has always been overrated, but when it comes to health care, it has evidently proven winner.  Thus, the main question that arises here is, would AI be able...
Coronavirus Outbreak Hurting Small Businesses

How is the Coronavirus Outbreak Hurting Small Businesses?

The outbreak of Coronavirus is becoming one of the biggest crises in human history.  As the virus spreads within communities, the pandemic has got everyone worried and scared. Amidst all the panic and chaos,...
The Real Truth Of CoronaVirus, COVID-19 Myths Busted

The Real Truth Of CoronaVirus, COVID-19: Myths Busted!

Since the inception of Coronavirus (COVID-19), many speculations are there regarding its origin and how to do prevention and cure.  People have exploited social media by spreading unconventional cures and methods. Every second on...