How To Be A Leader In The Digital Era And Not Die Trying

Leader In The Digital Era

Leader In The Digital Era

New technologies have created a new world. A world that has broken with many traditions that in the past formed the basis of societies. Hierarchies, authority and command centers have been decentralized. Now, thanks to the Internet, the last word is on users.

What role, in this context, the leaders? Your role is still needed or no longer have a place in the digital age?

The answer may seem complex, however it is not much. The truth is that leaders are needed more than ever. In the business sector and business, for example, are an indispensable figure development projects and positioning of business ideas. The only difference is that it has changed the means to carry out such functions. New times require new styles of leadership.

How to be a leader in the XXI century: social skills and digital

Even though day after day witnessing new technological advances, the digital age is far from starting the “autopilot”. In fact, before the avalanche of information and resources, you need to have someone drive quickly and effectively own projects was 2.0.

The question of how to be a leader lies in adapting to the dynamics of context and use the resources available. What resources are we talking about?

a) Digital Resources:

Are those derived from use of the Internet and new technologies in general. The leadership of the XXI century no longer occurs only in physical spaces; also in the network. The main resources of this type are:

  • Big Data: This is the effective use of information flowing through the network, especially for market analysis and trends.
  • Personal branding: Personal branding is one of the central elements of the leadership of the XXI century. Promote it and exploit it to the maximum corresponds to whoever is in front of any project, whether individual or collective.
  • Marketing online: Internet has opened up many options for trade and distribution of content. The leader of the digital age should know these options and choose those that best suit their needs.

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b) Social Resources:

Although the leadership of the digital age not only be in person, do not forget that dealing directly with employees is an indispensable element project success. In fact, in this sense it is necessary to develop their own new business models faculties:

  • Teamwork: either in person or remotely, the leader must never stop insisting on the unity and team spirit.
  • Focus on results: in the digital age, where everything flows at high speed, projects are measured on results.
  • Interaction: interaction with work teams must be continuous, whether it is information as feedback.
  • Active listening: the leader of the digital age also can listen and encourage a participatory atmosphere among its employees.
  • Continuous improvement: evolution is a principle of the projects was 2.0. One result is never final.
  • Motivation: even if you use other channels, the leader of the digital age must not forget its role as motivator. Its influence and its ability to transform can make the fate of a particular workgroup.
  • Flexibility and adaptation: both the leader and his collaborators have to be clear that environments change quickly and that part of its success lies in its ability to adapt to them.

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