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Marketing Human Resources

Marketing Human Resources

Every company is subject to many changes from the environment and the transformation of society itself. The company must face these changes to survive. For this reason it is imposing a new system of human resource management, marketing, human resources.

Companies are forced not only to find the best talent to work with them, but to keep them. Creating a good working environment and keep employees happy is not enough.

The current environment for retaining talent is highly competitive. Therefore, those responsible for the HR department should know and marketing actions promoting human resources, or what is the same, make employer branding.

But it is not so simple, because there are different barriers that can stop the process of implementing marketing activities such as: lack of motivation, stress, poor incentives, fatigue …

How do Human Resources Marketing?

A marketing project HR should be attractive, useful and motivating and meet the following requirements:

1. You need to listen to employees. A good way to identify the key factors is through periodic surveys, surveys of climate, communication meetings and performance reviews. We provide information on satisfaction and attitude of employees. To complement this analysis, it should involve department heads as everyday communication they receive from their workers is paramount.

Of course, not enough to do surveys and then not give feedback because you will lose credibility now and in the future when you want to continue using these tools to create synergy. This is where most fail, do not you.

2. Use effective communication at the right time in every area of the company, without exception, regardless of the position. One misconception in this type of action is to think that the customer HR are only employees, discarding managers, management and middle management of this strategy.

How any marketing action, plays a very important role knowing feedback once communication has been established to check if the message is coming correctly or conversely is being interpreted incorrectly.

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3. Share the culture and philosophy of the company. It is important that employees know the philosophy, values, mission and goals to be achieved so that they can identify with them. This is important to keep these values and not change every few minutes. And build trust while maintaining consistency between what is said and what is done.

It is not a simple task, because you have to change most of the customs, habits and political organizations. And normally be performed at the lowest possible cost.

4. Learn every day. Provide training to employees and promote them internally will help the organization to grow each day and employee involvement is greater. it is also necessary training products / services offered are made. This will improve the quality of the work performed.

5. Engage employees. It is important that each employee see the achievements and the contribution made, you feel important within the organization. A motivated person, encourages and motivates improving labor relations.

Now, involve them is not pat them on the back. Go beyond is essential. To share with the evolution of the company always in relation to their work

If the involvement is total, we can talk about organizational commitment, that is, the person identifies with the organization and its goals and therefore want to keep their stay in it.

6. Involvement of top management. Marketing human resources should be considered as an integral part of the strategy of management. Top management must constantly show their support.

7. Continuity and planning. The secret to success is to assume that the process will be slow and therefore it is important to have continuity and planning to help us set goals without straying from them.

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What are the benefits of HR marketing?

Apart from attracting and retaining talent. Undertaking performing actions employer branding get the following benefits:

  • Increased economic performance
  • Increase visibility and corporate reputation
  • Increased motivation and commitment of employees
  • Reduce the level of turnover and absenteeism
  • Become a company where the best talent wants to work

A study by Harvard Business Review happy employees comply with the rule of 3: show a 31% higher productivity, sales are 37% higher and creativity is 3 times higher, on average, than other workers.

Why some companies become the paradise of any worker? If you position the company with a good brand image, you transmit the values and concerns get involve moving current employees, attract future talents and make the company where everyone wants to work.

If you are part of the management team of the company, keep it in mind and begins to define strategies Employer Branding increase the engagement of employees and make them feel comfortable, you will increase loyalty and thereby productivity !!


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