Most important Google ranking factors in 2019

Most important Google ranking factors in 2019

Google is the biggest platform on the internet that is widely used for the search engine. 

Google is an American company that is related to internet facilities and services. It is also used for the advertising, search engine, clouding, software, browsing and lot more. Google founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed it. It was found in 1998 in California.

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The company is brightly growing day by day by providing the services worldwide. The chain of the services has already covered the world in it. It has become the biggest platform for all time. Google has upgraded his platform some of the famous products of Google are as follows:

  • AdSense
  • Android Cloud to device messaging
  • Google Question and answer
  • Blogger
  • BebaPay
  • Google Contacts
  • Google developers
  • Google Dictionary
  • Google for Education
  • Google Gadgets
  • Gizmo5
  • Gmail
  • Google Ads
  • Google+
  • Living stories
  • Google News
  • Picasa
  • Google pay
  • Digital unlocked
  • Uproxy
  • Google URL shortener
  • Vevo
  • WDYL
  • Youtube

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There are about 138 total products that are developed by Google. But if you own a site and want it to be reflected in the top 10 results of the Google then you need to focus on some of the basic and most important things that brought together and coordinating it will definitely lead the site on top results.

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These factors help you in regaining the lost as well as developing new set parameter which Google used to discriminate between several websites. Google systematically a use near about 200 ranking signal factors that help them to differentiate between others. The main factors are URL, Meta tags, content structure, moreover how the page loads and various other SEO.

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Top factors that affect Google ranking factors are as follows:

  1. Website architecture: Website architecture is the most prior thing that should be considered while launching or re-launching it. The website should have a clear URL that makes thing easier that helps Google to sort out what content you are using in your site. For example, if the site is about business growth then it should follow like it expresses the real meaning.
  2. Domain security: The domain security is the trust of the experience given to the surfers. You can find the security criteria while you surf on a site it shows like non-secure with a red slash mark and secures with the green mark with shield protection. It ensures that you should get an SSL certificate that makes your website a secure one.
  3. Page speed: Page Speed is respected with the site speed or the loading speed of a website. It is analyzed on the basis of, when a person searches a keyword on the Google then it get links for various websites after that when you click on it the time taken from that click to the loading of a site is calculated by the Google.

Basically, the e-commerce website should load in completely within 2 seconds as per the Google guidelines. Different types of designs, types, and sizes is the most common reason for it but the biggest cause it the uncompressed images that encourage the slow page speed.

  1. Content structure: It is one of the other important topics that is measured by Google under their parameters. Your site should contain all the material what a visitor is searching for. A good structural control context gives a very deep impact on the visitors, thus it increases the traffic rate resulting in the increase in position.

The website should contain a different variety of both headings and subheadings that give more brief about the context that a site wants to deliver it to the reader. It should be not in a very complicated language it should be completely under stable as well as digestible.

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The reader must be engaged with your content the longer they will stay the higher increase in the session duration will be. A good result comes from good content.

  1. Optimizing images: The images are widely used in websites around the world. It is the greatest approach to express and to easily understandable to the reader. But are these images taking time while other websites with the same images loads quickly with the same resolution and pixels then you should use an optimized for your websites?

Reduction in the file size of an image that results in the faster loading, adding an alt tag helps in search engine to understand what is it all about, giving title to an image with some additional information, by adding a hyperlink along with the image that says click here and by clicking it takes you to the direct spot, for example, Check here.  It is basically found under the image.

  1. Topic: They are the gem of the Google ranking, it helps in laying down the foundation of a page that ranks you higher than you ever expected of.

In simple words the more you publish on the same or particular topic the higher you go in ranking. Like if you are posting daily on business strategies and other income assets then the search engine will directly start showing your link on top because you got different stories of a particular topic in one place. This increased rate of a better factor that compensates you from others and resulting in growth in ranking.

  1. Mobile First indexing: After 2016 Google has announced it that says that all the websites should be compatible with the mobile viewing. Earlier the designs were made on the basis of the laptops and desktops now it is mandatory that every site should be compatible with both view viewing.

If the site view display features fail over here then it causes fewer visitors on the site resulting in low traffic rate. Google mobile first indexing also helps in searching the local searches by using location so your site must be compatible with that too.

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These were the basic and most keen features that are definitely going to help in getting ranking from others.


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