The omnicanality is getting closer every day thanks to corporate mobile applications

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App for Companies

App for Companies

The world changes rapidly according to new technologies and a company that does not know how to implement them is bound to fail because the rest will take that advantage.

Something that has completely transformed the industry sector is being able to be in contact, in a more direct way and through different channels, with customers. The fact that these are made easier for them and given more options to get to the company in question is a way to differentiate themselves and gain adepts. 

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As we know, very few people get rid of their mobile phones, something that is booming is having a mobile application for the company. According to a biannual report by Mobilelron about 80% of companies now use ten or more mobile applications for companies. And the advantage is that all of them can create Android and iPhone apps for free and online, without having programming knowledge. 

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What are the advantages of having a mobile application for a company?

  1. Increase and loyalty of customers. This is something that, more or less, has already been discussed. The fact that customers (or future clients) have more ways of reaching the company is always an advantage. The idea is to make that interaction as easy as possible, to feel heard and to be offered something extra with what they do not count from the competition. This will make them always there.
  2. Increased productivity. The apps also represent an advantage for the internal operation of the same company since many of them facilitate the day to day in the company through systems that are in charge of different tasks, such as sales, logistics or stock. In the same way you can see reduced costs in production, being able to streamline these processes or to solve problems that occur in a more effective and simple.
  3. They are economic tools. As we said, there is the possibility of having own apps even free of charge and even if all the work is delegated to professionals, the truth is that they are very economical so that any company (also small and medium) have access to them.
  4. They favor teamwork. Simply by the fact that some apps facilitate the communication of all the workers among themselves and this can revert in that it works of a joint way and, therefore, that is more productive.
  5. Flexibility. Most of these applications can be configured in a short time and you can adapt everything you want according to the company that requires them.
  6. Saving time and money. Even when a worker is not in the office he can continue to develop part of his work or know what is required at that moment.
  7. Small investment, big profits. The time and money that may be required to develop an app itself is insignificant compared to all the advantages it may offer.

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