Online Advertising: A More Scroll Or A Connection?

Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Increasingly brands that perform online advertising, regardless of size, is not even exclusive to certain sectors. Why? Because it’s easy, relatively inexpensive and where we find most of the audience. With a couple of clicks and 10 euros you can show your ad to more than 2,000 people on Facebook, why they would not resort to this type of communication?

Today, organizations do not need large advertising budgets to ensure that they reach a wide enough audience to get results. Not only can they do it with a very low cost, but also have a wide variety of options and formats.

A study conducted in 2016 by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), an association representing the digital media advertising sector, says that 9 out of 10 Internet users connect daily and also online media are more credible digital media. These means are also where most attention is concentrated advertising and which have more credibility.

The online media are the most credible digital media

A user behind each device

In a world where users spend most of their time online, Internet advertising is increasingly important. This a priori, it can be very interesting for any brand. However, we face a dilemma in interaction with users.

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The dilemma is none other than saturation advertising that already exists in the digital space. Advertising which in many cases is not relevant, lower quality and consumer goes intrusively. These circumstances, rather than benefit the brands, and have a negative impact opposite effect among potential and current customers.

Regardless of the relative simplicity of companies generate an online presence, we must never forget that there is a user behind each device. Nobody likes to receive mobile phone intrusive advertising, which leaves not see the content you are looking for or click on a banner of a product that interests and end on the landing page of a product that has to do with the advertised .

It is no coincidence that the use of adblockers (block or filter systems for advertising) has grown in recent years.

There are 5.6 million users adblockers in Spain, representing 26% of Internet users. 68% said that, if he could, would block advertising (57% among nonusers of adblockers) “according to IAB.

Key in the relationship with the digital public

Connect to the online consumer by focusing on their needs.

In a digital environment competitive brands can not afford to connect with their users, but always with the premise of not winning or saturated with messages that can be counterproductive. They must take into account three fundamental keys when interacting with our digital audience:

1. Audience:

There is much talk about the role of consumers in the digital world, however few brands really think about their users before designing their advertising plans.

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Inbound marketing strategies and “user centric” are very fashionable, but there is still room to go in these areas. You need to analyze and talk to our final target, understand their needs and priorities, and to know how our brand can help.

2. Relevance:

Once we have analyzed in detail to our end users, we know how he thinks, what it does and how it will help tap define how we will get there. Trends in advertising and state that programmatic buying and RTB (purchase advertising system) is increasingly common in the online medium for relevance and focus on the end user offering. This type of advertising is geared to “learn” the behavior of a specific target for, in this way, to get a message that is relevant. You need to be assertive in the user environment in which our lives, be clear what you want in it and what we are going to offer, in order to achieve efficient communication be.

3. Creativity:

We do not need a team of 20 creative professionals to devise an innovative and successful campaign. Simply analyze our audience, think about the context in which they live and know the product we offer to make a “brainstorm” ideas. For this reason, the trends of “design thinking” are becoming more important in the digital age. The more people contribute ideas of value, the closer we come to innovation and creativity. Creative advertising is more memorable by the end target, offers added value and helps build a stronger connection with it. Thanks to the diversity of formats with which we have today, and availability offered by the digital world, it is easier to be a little more creative in how we communicate with the users.

Trends indicate that in the coming years advertising will be increasingly focused and personalized in our habits, tastes, shopping, sightseeing, etc. The marks that can not to compete in this environment will be rejected and will not generate sufficient impact against its target.

Digital advertising will be increasingly focused on consumer habits

Any good online strategy should always focus on the user. If we seek to recognize our audience, be relevant in the environment in which they live and be creative in how we communicate with it, we will create a connection and not pass unnoticed in a scroll more.


Devendra Singh

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