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Project Manager

Project Manager

Today, the business world assumes that online marketing is a necessary tool for project success. There is talk of media resources, digital platforms and even the most appropriate strategies in either case. It is an element of our daily lives.

However, hardly anyone emphasizes the figure of the director of online projects, whose function is to plan, coordinate and monitor tasks that are part of a project using this type of media.

In fact, the idea still prevails that the powers of a director traditional project are enough to venture into online marketing. Or even that a website or a light presence in social networks online marketing strategy has achieved all its objectives. That’s right?

The project manager: 5 essential skills

In fact, it is much more complex. Just as businesses need an online marketing plan for the development of their strategies, project managers require training and the development of a few specific skills.

These skills are necessary for any field and are an essential for effective project management online marketing element:

1) Planning:

It is the origin of everything! The work of a director of online projects is based, above all, in your capacity planning. Possessing a comprehensive view of the processes, is who should define deadlines, resources, distribution channels and responsible for each task. When planning also must be clear that the digital world never stops and that its provisions must be flexible.

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 2) Domain resources:

Social networks, platforms, websites, mobile applications and own tools of project management are indispensable in their task. As said: the online marketing goes far beyond publishing content on the network. Mastering these resources will make strategies more dynamic and visible.

3) Close Communication:

One of the challenges of the digital age is that communication does not lose the human nature that characterizes it. Digital resources are more agile and have greater reach than traditional ones, but physical contact is null posed. To a large extent, the task of project manager online marketing is to develop close, emotional messages and, of course, attractive to your audience.

4) Adaptation:

If anything characterizes the digital era is the process agility and speed with which information flows. In addition to being aware of new trends, a project manager now has to be willing to take different positions and adapt to the context. Fixed positions do not work; the key is mobility.

5) Proof:

Chances are that, given the competition and agility that predominates in the digital world, not always the expected results are obtained. There will be good campaigns and some not so good. However, the secret is to persevere and never lose the north. Millions of projects are launched every day; there are few who fail to materialize and shed the expected results.

These five skills are essential to successfully manage a project and avoid certain risks that could jeopardize it.


Devendra Singh

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