Personality Quiz: Why You Should Use Quizzes in Your Content?

Personality Quiz Why You Should Use Quizzes in Your Content

We don’t need to educate you on the popularity of quizzes; you already come across dozens of them on various websites and social media platforms. 

Among quizzes one particular category that has a lion’s share in cyberspace is personality quiz. An estimated 75% of the quizzes created by publishers, brands and agencies are personality quiz and they enjoy high engagement rates of up to 80%.


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If you wish to promote your brand through quizzes or wish to engage more actively with your end users you need to start creating personality quizzes.

What Is Personality Quiz?

As the name suggests these quizzes are centred on personality traits of an individual. They follow the same pattern as knowledge based quizzes where you have a question followed by multiple answers. But the similarities end here as here there is no right or wrong answers as in knowledge based quiz and answers are simply based on personality traits and preferences of an individual.


Quiz gif

What is your favourite colour?

a) Red

b) Black

c) Green

d) Blue

e) Others

As you can see there are no right answers here. There are different types of personality quizzes and they are created to meet various goals. You may have heard about the Myers-Briggs assessment often used in the corporate world to analyse personality traits of employees. Others such as Dominant Trait Test and Jung’s Character Typology have found various uses among businesses and institutions.

Personality Quiz & Marketing

In the world of marketing personality quizzes have a fun element attached to them and this is done to make them more engaging. They don’t follow a strict model and are tailored to meet the objectives of the brand and sensibilities of the audience. For instance you can frame questions such as “What is your favourite beverage”, Which is your favourite TV show” or “What is your dream vacation destination”. Depending on the answers you can offer relevant information to the audience. In case the user chooses ‘coffee’ as the answer to your first question you can suggest best coffee shops nearby and likewise.

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The idea behind these quizzes is to know your audience better, get deep insights on their likes and dislikes which allows you to offer them tailored products, services and information. Most quizzes help users uncover surprising things about their personality which they may choose to share with their peers on the social media. This creates a great marketing opportunity for any business and allows them to grow their brand virally.

Why Marketers Love Personality Quizzes?

  • Generate Leads –Knowing customers’ likes and dislikes is one of the most important goals in any marketing campaign and these quizzes offer an easy way to gather leads.
  • Go Viral – While every business would like to go viral it is difficult to achieve. Personality quizzes are addictive and allows brands to go viral.
  • Promote Brand – Since these quizzes create more scope for engagement they are a great way to promote a brand.

How to Create Personality Quiz?         

You have understood the potential of personality quizzes and now the question that would dominate your mind is –‘how to make a personality quiz?’ While it may sound easy and fun you need to keep a few things in mind while creating such a quiz. Here is a step-by-step guide that would help you create personality quizzes.

  • Know your Audience – You need to have a clear idea of who your audience is as this allows you to formulate the right quiz.
  • Prepare A Design – You need to design a template that is themed around your quiz. Keep your audience in mind while choosing a design.
  • Create Outcomes – You need to create outcomes which will help you in marketing your products and services.
  • Formulate Questions – Once you have created the outcomes you need to formulate questions around those outcomes.
  • Weigh Answers – Users are likely to select different answers and hence you need to work on a mechanism that would let you weigh the answers.
  • Launch and Publicize – You can launch this quiz in different platforms from your website to social media. Once you have launched it make sure you promote it actively to increase success.

Crafting Outcomes – The Success of Personality Quizzes                   

You need to always set up quizzes by crafting outcomes before preparing your questions. The outcomes must be funny and entertaining as this will make it memorable for the users and create the desire to share it within their networks. You must make sure that the outcomes aren’t negative as this will kill the purpose of achieving viral results from your campaign. There should always be a brush of positivity around the outcomes that creates a positive notion in the minds of your audience.

Connecting Answers with Outcomes               

This is perhaps the trickiest part of creating personality quizzes. At the end of it you need to ensure that the outcomes have correlation to the answers. Since you would ask multiple questions and the users can select any answer arriving at an outcome is tough. This is why we stressed on the need to craft outcomes and formulate questions accordingly. Let’s see two sets of questions to understand this better –

What is ideal definition of food? 

a) Healthy food

b) Easy to make

c) Tantalizes taste buds

What is it that you like to eat the most?

a) Fruits

b) Noodles

c) Spicy food

If the user chooses the first answer in the first question “healthy food” they are likely to opt choose fruits over everything else as in the second question. Likewise the second and third answers have a correlation in both the questions.

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You can frame a set of questions around the outcome and at the end of the quiz –

  • If answers are mostly “A”, users are redirected to Results A page.
  • If answers are mostly “B”, users are redirected to Results B page.
  • If answers are mostly “C”, users are redirected to Results C page.

In case you are having a tough time connecting the results to the outcomes you need to rework on the questions as you haven’t assigned the right outcomes to them.

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Focus on Calls-to-Action         

As a marketer you are creating personality quiz with certain marketing goals. The idea is always to redirect users to relevant pages based on their personality traits. In other words you will have to work on call-to-action that is outcome specific. CTAs are an integral part of your personality quiz campaign and help you take your audience to specific pages that can increase sales, subscriptions or any other specific goals that you have in mind.


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