Be Prepared To Pay For Facebook Shortly

Pay for Facebook

Pay for Facebook

Facebook tests its users to make payments on their product pages directly from the platform company

In recent times we are seeing various new features of Facebook aimed at improving the monetization of its platform. We discussed on occasion he has done tests to enter the button “buy” in its publications, US activated the functionality of sending money through Facebook Messenger and buying concert tickets. So it is not surprising that now try to charge for other features offered.

As discussed in TechCrunch, Facebook is testing new payment formats in Thailand allowing users to pay for products directly from the platform through a service they have called Qwik. This can be done either through credit card, debit card or by bank transfer Online.

This new giant test can give many clues about upcoming innovations that could introduce Facebook. One possibility is that they have already developed the button “buy” and now want to supplement it with the direct payment service. Through this service, Facebook could charge a fee for sale and would be another source of income.

On the other hand, Facebook already has an extensive list of companies that have pages in the social network, promote their products and seek interaction with customers through the business pages. In this case, another assumption could be that from Facebook were thinking about implementing a similar service to Google Shopping in showing the products of their users and monetize through advertising add appear in the top positions.

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All this is guesswork, so we expect to have more information to give an opinion.

What do you think of this Facebook test?. We look forward to your comments!


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