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Google Search

Google Search

Knowing how Google search is an art. Want to master? We teach you the tricks to make advanced searches

Today, Google search has become one of the most everyday things. However, many people do not know how they actually search Google or advanced form all the benefits that can give us this search. So if you can master the commands or you Footprints we will discuss today you will have a competitive advantage online.

Although before you the best tips on how to search google, you will give a basic notion is to look and what look should start with the simplest in words.

Let’s take an example, if you are looking for a pizzeria in central Madrid, which must put pizzeria you are Madrid center. Most results will have the two words on your page, which does not mean they will not leave the pizzerias in central Madrid, but most pages talk about something related.

On the other hand, if we “pizza + Madrid + center” then yes there is more likely to go all the pizzerias in the center of Madrid.

Search by brand

When we look at Google certain brands it is much simpler everything, and we just have to put the mark of what we’re looking often than selling brand. In this case we have a 99.9% chance that the first page is the company.

The spelling in these cases no matter

In the case of the spelling does not matter much how scribes google searches, since it has an intuitive system that can give you an idea of the actual word you are looking for. For example, if we write hairstyles for kids, Google will correct us quickly hairstyles for children just below our search.

However, this does not happen in all cases, since we may be looking hairstyles for men and say man is a type of female hair. Although tranquil @, these little nuances of how to search Google’s’ll learn with practice.

Enter words in coherent order

To search on Google is necessary to respect it. Most of the words are placed in search engines, they have placed an order and bold so that people can find these posts or websites much more easily.

If you have a sore throat or have problems and migraine, write in the search as it is what you say “sore throat” “migraine problems.” Today, most websites are fully optimized so that they can give people just seek it. In addition, Google has sophisticated methods in which you choose the best websites or have better SEO so that on the first page of your browser, just find the best sites that talk about the topic that interests you.

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Always remember that less is more, do not put no filler

This is a good premise that you should always keep in mind to know how to search Google for efficient searches. Do not get too big or very big words phrases, as this can make you out websites that are not looking or even have nothing to do with the subject. Most people focus their searches in two simple words and based on them, they are changing one or the other to find what they want.

The quotes are very important

Another more practical when it comes to knowing how to search google commands they are “”. If you’re looking for a famous phrase, paraphrasing a movie or something, all you have to do is place the phrase in quotation marks. Try that the phrase in question is not very large, as this can give you problems in searches. Too many words always lead to websites that have nothing to do with what we are looking for. Even so. Put them in quotes means you can get to places that have those words in the order that you placed. That is, if you search for “crystal clear” Google will offer accurate results to what you’ve written.

Avoid what we do not see

One of the main problems when searching Google is that often leaves us the same thing repeated on many websites or things that just do not want to see. This can be omitted from our results easily. Imagine for a second that we are looking for a movie title that has two different actors in two stages. We want to see the actor and avoid the results of actor 2. This is placed as follows: “movie title” -interdenominational; that is, the name of the actor who will not want to see a less front.

Search content on a given web

This can also be carried out easily. Just know how to search Google efficiently. Imagine that we saw posts that we loved and we know the web, but we are unable to find within it. What we have to do is go to google and put site: nonredeemable “postmodernists or related words. This will lead us directly to the posts on that site.

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To find specific files

This method if a little more complicated and we must learn us the entrance. We can search for specific files in a web by placing the name of the page you want to find the file as “nondenominational” file type: ppt. In this way, we will all files that web content.


If you are looking for in Google is the definition of any word, we use the following command; define: marketing in the search and within minutes we defined at the top. Usually it appears within a box with the possibility of extension and even translations.

Instant Calculator

This is a type of advanced that very few people know command. This is the result of search for any amount. All you have to do is put in the search engine the amount you want with the sign that we are looking for and the result will come out at the bottom.

Google Calculator

How to search Google: Calculator

The use of wildcard searches

Something that very few people know how to use it however is of great value for many searches is the use of wildcards. You now know, so now you’re an expert on how to search Google ?

Imagine that we will find a bookstore and we know that between your name “read” but do not know for sure how it is actually called, put library reading * in Madrid. Such asterisk will give us all the libraries that are in Madrid and have that word in its name.

You can search for numeric ranges

If you want to know how to search Google numeric ranges, you have to do is focus the search between the two closest numbers, for example we can find “wars between 1900 … 2000”

It is very important to put the ellipsis.

This can be done when buying clothes, imagine you want to buy some leather boots and want the price is between 50 and 100 euros. This is written as follows “leather boots 50 … 100”. Imagine the possibilities with this command if you know how to search Google. This is just one example, the rest depends on your needs and imagination.

Google conversions

Another thing you can do is to google currency conversions. The currencies of the countries are constantly changing and it is important to know in real time as is each. This is done in a very simple way, since you just have to put the amount of money you want to spend another currency and both currencies in the search.

For example, if we know how high is the currency of Poland we placed 1,000 euros to zlotys and just below the first result, you will see what quantity.

Check the hours around the world

Google is able to tell what time it is anywhere in the world within seconds. What you should do is go to google search engine and put the word time, right after you place the country or the city. An example of this is Paris time, in the first search result you will.

The time at each location

To find out how long ago anywhere in the world, all you have to do is place the word time in the search followed by the name or ZIP code of the place you want to know. If you want to know what the weather is in the area where you live, you should only write time and the first result will be the area and the day, time and the possibility of rain and other data.

Search by URL

This is one of the most used when it comes to knowing how to search google any domain that contains that word tricks. This is done in the following way inurl: word. Below we will all URLs containing that word in its input.

Should more words, we can put allinurl: words and thus include all the words in question.

Search the cache of a page

If we want to see the cache of any page, this is done using the following command from Google; cache: page name

Find links on a particular page

If we want to see all the links that are linked to a particular page, what we must do is place link: page name. This command is very useful for SEO. With can find sources to generate linkbuilding of competence.

Searches focused images

Google has an advanced photo search. This is done in two very simple ways. See two boxes in the first must place the URL of the page if you have or if the picture is not hosted on the websites that we have seen, can upload from your PC and within minutes, google search all data about that image, even its author if it had.

As you can see, there is a wide collection of commands or so-called footprints to make advanced searches on Google. It is best to have creativity and use them in different ways designed to meet your searches.


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