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Google Jobs

Google for Jobs will help you find employment

With the experience accumulated over many years and the refinement of its search algorithm, it was expected that at some point Google used all this knowledge for other functions. Google for jobs is a...
Google Review

Google Launches Verified Customers Review and Eliminates Trusted Stores Program

Google removes your trusted store program and launches verified customer reviews. Surely reading this headline has thought “but if Google already has a client review program in its results …”. True, but not quite....
Google Testing Mobile Products

Google is testing the results of mobile products

Google is testing new functionality in the mobile search engine and has called it “style ideas”. Now in the image search will show fashionable and related products that you can buy. As they have...
Google Search

How To Search Google To Advance Level With These Tricks

Knowing how Google search is an art. Want to master? We teach you the tricks to make advanced searches Today, Google search has become one of the most everyday things. However, many people do...

Say Goodbye To Google And Welcomes Alphabet

The giant Google is called from a few months Alphabet Google, the great technological giant of our world, will be called from a few months Alphabet, ushering in a complete restructuring of the company....